Feb 29, 2012

Miss Bluebrow

Here are the close ups and productlist for the weird blue brow-make up. :')

Produkts used:
NYX HD Eyeshadow Primer
TiKei Eyeshadow - Stardust
Sleek Acid-palette, dark blue for brows, Both blues for crease and under eye, white for highlight
NYX Jumbo Eyepencil - Milk
Make Up Store Multi Lash Mascara - Black
Stones from Ebay

TiKei Mineral Foundation - P2
MAC Studio Finish Concealer - NW15
E.L.F Under Eye Concealer - Fair

Swatch: MAC Satin Eyeshadow - Club

Boyfriend worked in Stockholm for a few days. How was I supposed to NOT use him for MAC-store business?
I had a craving for Club that day. He was totally lost, I felt kind of sorry for him. It's ok though. I got this precious jewel in my stash.

Right: Bare skin
Left: NYX HD Primer
Under: Blended out

Is such a gorgeous colour, is'nt it? All duochromy and stuff. Prrrs.
A post with it on the face is comming up!

Feb 28, 2012

I'm afraid of this ghost..

I did my normal 'go to school' make up in the beginning of Febuary, with a brown crease and a flinged, phat eyeliner and white. More white than usual.
When I got home from school, something bad happen. I got inspired by my shirt.
It's goey. It's messy. It's not awesome. But I liked the idea of it.

Make Up Inspiration..? ERh.


Swatch: TiKei Eyeshadow - Stardust & Desert

I bought a mineral foundation from the swedish label TiKei. I looove the foundation, but this post is about the two eyeshadow testers that I got with the order.
(Reaaally sorry for bad photos, but I did put up a real fight for these bad ones)

Stardust and Desert.

Stardust is a pinky/white toned, pearly shimmery thingie with a purple spark in it, which you can see on the close up.
Desert is a matte yellowbased... mud-tone. I dont get the colour at all.Tikei calls it "Lion-yellow"

 Over, on top of NYX HD Eyeshadow Primer
 Under, on bare skin. 
 Right, on primer
Left, on bare skin
Without flash

  Right, on primer
Left, on bare skin
With flash

Desert appears to be shimmery, but it's really not.
I had to double check a moment ago, and its still matte. But it has turned into a creamy state. It's really weird.

Aaany who. The pigmentation is good, you dont really need a primer with these ones.
The day after I thought I had a yellowing bruise on my arm until I realised that it was Desert!
But as I said. I dont get the colour of Desert. Stardust on the other hand is a beeaaautiful pink/white/frosty with a looot of shimmer and sparkle. I'm loving it!

You can get these at TiKeis webshop. They do ship outside of Sweden, In all EU-countries and some international.. And the site is all in swedish.

A full (2gr) jar costs about 59 kr (€ 6,40 - $ 8,60)

Feb 20, 2012

The wat nao

Oh hai.
I had a couple of EOTD-pics, with some new stuff-pics on my computer. Then I got a real man cold, was dying with sneezes, coughing and fever.
And then I travelled away from the computer. Smart huh. So they wont be up for about a week or more.
And I forgot my memory card at home. Gotz to borrow a card from the dude so if I do some crazy ass, photoworthy make up, I'll snap a picutre!
In the meantime, this is what I did on thursday. WEII

I'll show you some more pics of that next week.. Grr.

Feb 17, 2012

Mash Up

I dont know what colours I used in this one. I quite like it thought.
Could be som from the 120-palette, and some from the Acid-palette.
I'm just guessing here.

Feb 16, 2012

It's like that..

And that's the way it is, HUH!

Hiilen is an awesome make up-blogger, and at the moment she's throwing a Make Up Store Madness compitition. HERE'S the link to that.

To all you non-swedish speakers out there, the blog is written in swedish.
But who needs language when a picture says a thousend words, right?
The pictures and the make ups are just as awesome with out the words.


Me and the guy went out for some thaifood at this amaaazing restaurant about three weeks ago.
And I had little time to do my make up, so of course I did something time-consuming which got sloppy due to ..well.. the time ran out. It's not perfect. I have used these colours before. But I like them.
Also, I knew that the thai-place had alot of uv-lights.

NYX HD Eyeshadow Primer 
Sleek Acid-palette - Orange, Yellow, Dark pink, blue (dont know which) White (for highlight)
Make Up Store c/s - Metallic Plum
Peggy Sage Cake eyeliner - Noir
Make Up Store Multi Lash - Black (veeeery dried out)
Could be something more in this make up. But I dont remember.

 Took photos in a hotel bathroom. No good lights. Made me mad.

And oh. Bout them uv-lights.
I smacked on the neons in the acid-palette because I thought they would react to the uv and glow and all that cool stuff.
But since my guy did not say anything about it, I guessed it failed.
He told me later that it acutally glowed a bit. So now I have no pictures of it.

This is how the walls in the bathroom of the restaurant looked like.

 And a ... weird figurine ... doing something to itself in the actuall restaurant. Wtf. Why would they put up something like that where people eat.
I thought it was hilarious, but other people might not have that unserious thouch on life that I have.

Feb 8, 2012

Some updates on the updates!

Thanks a bunch for all the nice comments on the FUCK CANCER-post!
My friend has got a day set for the operation next week, we're keeping our fingers crossed.

And the angst room in the update-post might not be my final resting zone.
Im meeting a nice, old lady tomorrow to look at a room closer to school and friends, with a livingroom I can use and a room that will fit me and my stuff.
'Bout the cats.. I'll have to persuade her. She's an old lady. They need cats. Right?

I have some new EOTD's for you, but sooon my friends. Soon. Im keeping quiet (..well kinda) on the blog just a little while longer. To get my shit togheter.
Bought some new things. Wanted to buy a shit load of brushes from Everyday minerals, but the shipping cost was so frekking high. $23? For five brushes? Really? What?

So. Im thinking Sugarpill. Im thinking Sleek. Tikei. Everyday Minerals. NYX. Wet 'n Wild.
Any more student- and animal friendly cosmetics?
I neeeeed new brushes. Plox halp!

Oh. This is a contact ad btw.
I am in need of a new friend. Kinda near where I live.
A wacky one. Who is interested in make up.
Who likes tea or coffee and animals. Kay?
I need to have feedback and tips with an ordinary person!

I love my friends, but non of them share my biggest interest. I am the one who gives tips and help them out, which is also awesome. But I need the feedback of someone who knows.. you know. Things.
Whiny post again. Sorry. Ad over! :D

Feb 2, 2012


Just writing out som angst and a little, tiny pled.

As some of you might know, my sister passed away the autum of 2010.
At 32 years old the cancer that she had been struggeling with for a few years, spread out everywhere and took over. There was nothing we could do.
The sentence was: Not much left. Maybe a month or two.
One week later, she was gone.

Nobody knew what had happen. The nurses was allmost as baffled as us.
Still too this day we dont know why it went so fast.

The girl whoms sofa I've been borrowing since last autum, 2011, is a breast cancer survivor.
And she got some bad news last week.
Swollen lymph nodes in the chest, just next to (actually bumping into) the aorta.
The doctors did not know why, so she got a new appointment to look closer (aka camera in body)
Its been a week now, and the appointment has not happend yet.

Can you imagen?
A week with not knowing if you have a future? If you're going to plan your own funeral or planning the rest of your life? To plan for another painful time of radiation or cytotoxins?

Its painful to see. Its painful to re-live.
Fuck cancer.
Yeah. FUCK IT.

Been googling around and found this.

This site was awesome. Be sure to check out The Shirts For A Cure Project (From which the shirt is from)
The shirts proceed are used to help  people with breast cancer.
(And check out the awesome bracelets!)

Or chip in to any cancer-awareness of your choice.
Im checking in an awesome purple hoodie with the text FUCK CANCER from the swedish response to Generation Y - Ung Cancer.

and for you internationals LetFcancer

Keep invincible.