Mar 19, 2016


First try with the Colourpop shadows! Used both fingers and brushes to apply, and it was super easy.
Kind of bummed that Erotic turns pink when applied lightly or blended. Oh well. It worked well with the look.

Products Used
Milani Eyeshadow Primer
Colourpop Super Shock Shadow - Puppy Love, Erotic, Doe-a-Deer, I Heart This
MUG e/s - Blacklight
NYX Matte Liquid Liner - Black
Lashes: Depend 'Faith'

Stargazer Velvet e/s - Red
Melt Cosmetics - Love Sick
E.L.F Makeup Lock & Seal

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - San Paulo

Mar 18, 2016

Swatch: Colourpop Super Shock Shadows - Puppy Love, I Heart This, Erotic, Doe-a-Deer

Finally got to try out some Colourpop stuff! To pick out a few items among all that awesome stuff was pure torture. I want so much more!!!

I tried to pick out stuff that I actually would use, rather than things I just wanted bcuz pretty. Or bright. I narrowed things down with thinking I 'needed' a  base color that could be used as a highlighter, something glittery, something smokey and something bright. Because ordering stuff från Colourpop without getting someting that POPS aint right, dawg. (Sorry, watching Fresh Prince while writing)
A quick swatch of the Lippie Stix "Bichette" is in this post too, I dont know how to write anything but "it's perfect" about it. It might get its own post.

Puppy Love

I Heart This



First swatch with just one swipe and no primer (and Bichette)

Swatch over primer, several swipes with finger

Ok, thoughts..
First up, Puppy Love. I couldnt really catch it's pretty duochrome/sheen-ness. Peachy colour with a soft pink and cold sheen. "All proceeds from the sale of ‘Puppy Love’ will be donated to Best Friends Animal Society". This donating thing, with the paw on the lid and the perfect base color/highlight, it was no brainer that I had to get it. Sadly, it's not available any more.

And then then on to something glittery... And boy, Colourpop have some nice glittery ones. I thought I would by something that would be easily packed on it's on or on other shadows for a pop of sparkle. Enter, I Heart This. Described as "Cool-toned silvery taupe with multi-coloured glitter", this color is super perdy! Its like... cool and warm at the same time. KWAARM. (H5 if you get the reference) Lots of sparkle, all though the silver showes up a bit more.

Doe-a-Deer got to be the "something smokey" shadow. I thought it would bring out the green in my eyes in a smokey look, or just a simple crease colour that isnt black or brown. Described as a "blackened violet", I feel is more of a dark plum with a hint of a purple sheen. Gorgeous. 

And for the fun shadow. Erotic. This shadow makes me moan. It's described as a "Super neon candy apple red with sparkling pink and copper glitter" and I couldnt agree more. Super bright, super sparkly. Super erotic. Also, look at this close up swatch, is pure sex.

I havent played around with these shadow that much, therefore I havent really commented on the quality. If you are new to Colourpop, I can tell you that these shadows are not regular shadows. They are in this.. weird.. mousse-y gel formula. That turns into powder when used.
Cant wait to do some looks with them!

** Colourpop är ganska svårt att få tag i i Sverige då de inte fraktar utanför USA. Jag sambeställde med två andra, varav en av oss hade kontakter i USA som kunde beställa hem till sig och skicka vidare ut till Sverige. Annars går det att skaffa sådan där postbox av något slag. Är inte tillräckligt påläst för att vilja tipsa om något där. Googla!

Mar 17, 2016


Yesterday I recieved a package with some Colour Pop stuff. Very exciting.
Havent got any decent swatch photos of it though, so heres just a simple Look of the Day.

Weird lighting and stuff. Whatever.

Products Used
Milani Eyshadow Primer
Colour Pop Super Shock Shadow - Puppy Love (lid), Doe-a-deer (Smudged eyeliner)
Urban Decay Vice 2 - Rewind
Mascara and beige inliner.

Neve Cosmetics Manga Brow Pencil - Ash Blonde and Cold Brown
H&M Eyebrow Pencil - Dark Brown
Urban Decay Vive 2 - Rewind

Colour Pop Lippie Stix - Bichette

E.L.F Tone Adjusting Face Primer - Green
Lumene Matt Control Oil-Free Foundation - 1
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - 1 & 2
Ben Nye Luxury Powder - Cameo
ModelCo Shimmering Bronzing Powder
The Color Workshop Eyebrow Cake (as contour)
Colour Pop Super Shock Shadow - Puppy Love (highlight)
Sleek Face Form - Fair (highlight and blush

Mar 16, 2016

Sick Amelie

I acutally had makeup on while it was daylight outside! Omg! So the pictures turned out.. fine.. I guess. Too dark at my makeup table for some decent detail work and stuff, but meh. Life.
Either way, I felt kind of fab even though my eyes felt like dying due to evil lenses.
I did have some trouble to get the true colors to show up. Love Sick on the lid it acutally more red and darker irl.

 Products Used
Milani Eyeshadow Primer
Melt Cosmetics Love Sick - Amelie, Love Sick, Promiscuous
Sugarpill e/s - Bulletproof
MUG e/s - Voltage
Wet n Wild e/s - Brulee
Sleek Eau La La Liner - Rouge
NYX Matte Liquid Liner - Black
Lashes: Morphe Brushes #47 & Depend 'Faith' stacked

Neve Cosmetics Manga Brow Pencil - Ash Blonde and Cold Brown
H&M Brow Pencil - Dark Brown
Urban Decay Vice 2 - Rewind
E.L.F Makeup Lock & Seal

Milani Color Statement Lipstick - Naturally Chic

Not having a good day. Or week. Or year.

Mar 14, 2016

Acid Fix

Once again, and I am gonna continue complaining 'bout this; HORRIBLE. PHOTOS.
The makeup isnt that wonderful either. I did the last touches, like that horrible yellow mess in the inner corner and in the brows when it started to get dark outside so I couldnt really see what I was doing. Aaah, the lack of daylight <3 p="">I do love that pop of yellow combined with dark gray tho. And the glitter. Kind of felt like someting.. chemical. Or something.

 Products Used
Milani Eyeshadow Primer
Melt Cosmetics Love Sick - Fixated
Sleek Ultra Matte V1 - Crete
.Färg Inliner - White
Sleek Acid - Neon Yellow
Technic Brights - Yellow
Violet Voss Glitter - Goldie
NYX Matte Liquid Liner - Black
Lashes: Morphe Brushes #47

Neve Cosmetics Manga Brows Pen - Ash Blonde & Cold brown
H&M Brow Pencil - Dark Brown

Idonteven, too pink

Mar 12, 2016

Swatch: Melt Cosmetics Love Sick Eyeshadow Stack

My pictures are horrible, I've tried to retake them multiple times but shit aint working. So.. this is it.
Melt Cosmetics Love Sick.
Been drooling over it since it came out, and when they had that valentine sale with 30% off, I jumped on it. And I aint sorry. And of course I poked my grabby little fingers in the eyeshadows before I took photos. I really couldnt help my self!

Swatches are on bare skin to the left, and on primer to the right

 The stack with the mirror top

Love Sick

  Love Sick swatch next to MUG Bitten on primer




 Urgh the Amelie-swatch is just horrid.. Could not get any good pictures of this shadow. It's beautiful tho. Like really, I didnt think I would use this color because it aint the sort of color I usually reach for, But I have been using this in everyday fast makeups. A couple of times, and loved it. As you can see, it's as good with or without primer.

I did think that Promiscuous would be a more .. purple color. Its a red based purple with more of a blurple sheen. Cool color, very nifty when used over other bases or blended. With no base it's quite.. meh. A more sticky base would bring out more of that in the pan-purple.

Fixated is just what it looks like. A blue toned dark gray color. Great formula. Just like the Space Cake lipstick. Nothing to complain about, nothing to get super excited about.

Love Sick.... Sigh... Its just.. so.. pretty. Its the color that I wanted MUGs Bitten to be. No base it's a bit meh but workable, but on primer it's basically the perfekt dark red. Love it! Easy to blend to.

For the stack itself.. I love the idea of it. Not so sure about the practial aspect of it tho. It is sturdy, but the plastic feels kind of cheap some how. The eyeshadows kind of stick to the coating of the plastic, as do fingerprints, and makes the pans look dirty. As you actually can se on the pictures.

Shop this stack (when it's in stock which is quite rare heh) on Melt Cosmetics for $48.00

(Jag fick dock tull (ca 200kr) på det här paketet så ha det i åtanke om du är svensk!)