Apr 29, 2012

Quickie in the night.

Did this on... ... dont know. Monday?

  And then lashes and a black crease!

I was fighting A LOT with these lashes when I got them about a year ago. Always thought that it was due to the weirdness of the lashes that they wouldnt stick in the inner corner.
But I made it. They got stuck. Not good. But they are there. Seemes that my lash.skills are getting better ^^

Not gonna write products used. Because..Well.. Im not sober. And I do not remember what I used.
So... 30th of april is a BIG day here in Sweden. Well, atleast in Uppsala. Its not a free-day per say, but in Uppsala and other student cities, schools is a free-day. So.. Friday, saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday is party-days in my town this week. And it tells. The park outside my home looks like crap allready, and there is portapottys everywhere!
You bet I am gonna show you some pictures.:D

Apr 26, 2012

We love animals..

Oh yes we do! Lush is holding a petition on the fight against animaltesting. We like that! :D


Apr 25, 2012

Swatch: Victorian Disco Cosmetics Eyeshadows..

Since I ordered a whole bunch of them, and got two awesome testers, I throw in all of them in this post <:

I ordered Skywalker, Outer Rim (old Lightsaber), Forest Moon (old It's A Trap!), Death Star, Ewok Pajama Party, Lightspeed, Clones (old The Fett) from the collection called "In A Galaxy Far, Far Down The Street" which of course is a Star Wars inspired collection ^^
The two testers I got was Wookie Noises and Youngling
I also ordered Tifa and Cloud, a duo from the collection Crystalline Affections. Every Crystalline Affection-shadow is in a duo, inspired by two of the main characters in one Final Fantasy game <:
High on geekery I am - I am!
So .Pictures. Swatches. Video. Go go!
First up, Jars

Over Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper on top, and on bare skin on bottom
Indirect sunlight.


Direct sunlight
See that awesome glitter?!
Want to see more of it? OF COURSE.
Here's a video for yah! (3rd Rock From the Sun in the background. Awesome Show..)

After I slept for 4 hours. Ehe.

Some of the shadows does not show up as it should. Clones and Ewok Pajama Party is more purple in life. Cloud is a bit more blue. Too many colours for my camera to deal with ^^ 
All in all, I love these shadows. I'm really happy i got Wookie Noises as a tester, cause that colour is AH.MAH. ZING. I though that Forest Moon would be a darker green, but I am in love with that sheer wash of golden green.Miss Smashley did an awesome job. You're getting another order from me. Soon. Like, right after I have written this post.

You can get these colours, or maybe some Sailor Moon-inspired ones perhaps? at Victorian Disco Cosmetics

Swatch: Lime Crime Carousel Gloss - Kaleidoscope

I bought this mostly "because I deserved it" the night of the makeup-kidnap.
Threw a bunch of "need"s things, brushes and all that, first. And then this. It's definitly too dark for my comfort zone, but its sooo cool. It can be worn sheer over another lip colour, like I did here.

So. Kaleidoscope is a gorgeous darkned, red based purple with turquoise shimmer in it. The shimmer is very noticeble! :D 
The applicatior is a short brush, wich I like very much. Easy to apply even though it's kind of hard to get the gloss even. 
Smells a little bit like fudge. Nom.
Oh well. I'm no good at writing reviews. It's sticky, and the lasting is great. I dont mind the stickyness. 
Enjoy pics of this beautiful thing!

I bought this at Cocktail Cosmetics, where it costs £11.50 

Colourful Wednesday 5

Its heeere agaaaaain. Should I cut out the numbers?  Rarely remember what number it should be. Starting next week, there will be no more numbers ^^
I got Illamasquas eyeshadow - Burst in the mail yesterday. Right on time. So, here's Burst!

Products Used
Lime Crime Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper
Illamasqua - Burst
120 Palette - Minty green/blue, matte purple, orangey gold, sheer goold (Highlight)
Victorian Disco Cosmetics - It's a Trap!
NYX JP - Milk
Peggy Sage Cakeeyeliner - Noir

I love Etsy. Yay!

Apr 23, 2012


Sorry bout this post. Not beauty-related at all. Just me venting.
Schools a mess, I'm stressed pretty much all of the time. Stress about school, stress about economy, stress about summer when school is over. And now the old lady told me that her grand child wants to rent the room in autum, so I loose the little uncomfortable home I have.
It's frekking hard to get a home in this city, you know? I've been waiting in line for 3-4 years. There's no chance.
And I haven't slept all night due to schoolwork, and my phone wont work. Emotional girl is emotional.
Just want it all to be steady and secure. Wah.

Apr 22, 2012

WoW Contest. Again.

So. The contest ended on friday, and the voting ongoing until 1st of May.
Here are all the contributions, I have not looked at the results yet. I rarely post pics outside of this blog, get performance anxietys and what not. Dont need that bump on my selfesteem ^^

But check it out, there's some really cool make ups in there. And vote some!

Apr 21, 2012

The Freaksaber

... Its snowing. Really? Snow? Now? REALLY? Poop.
Heres purple and blue with Le Freak again. Bah

 Products used
Lime Crime Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper
Victorian Disco Cosmetics - The Fett (Older version), Ewok Pajama Party, Lightsaber
Collection 2000 Glam Crystals - Le Freak
Peggy Sage cakeeyeliner - Noir

Apr 20, 2012

It's a Freaksaber!

Man Im good at writing headlines. Haha.
Shoppingtrip with mom. She's a nice person and Im spoiled. Great combo when a big part of you make up collection is missing (Yep, still whining about it)

Products used
Lime Crime Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper
Victorian Disco Cosmetics - It's a Trap!, Lightsaber, Skywalker
Make Up Store Eyedust  - Amazon
Collection 2000 Glam Crystals - Le Freak
Peggy Sage Cakeeyeliner - Noir

 Fuck yeah, glitter!!!! Such a gorgeous colour. Nom nom!

Apr 18, 2012

Colourful Wednesday: 4

Moar like Last minute Wednesday ^^
Did my make up in a rush, took the photos in a rush, saw that the clock was 23:30 and edited and fixed the photos in a rush, and now Im writing in a rush, cause time is 23:47. Amagad need to post colourful wednesday on wednesday!!!

Its blue/green and gold. Great. Haha. ^^ Not so pleased with it. But hey, in a haste its ok. Its colourful either way ^^

 Total tardface on the left, haha! 
And somewhat pleased with her new shirt on the right. Epic proudness. ^^

Seems that I have scratched of some of the foundation on the nose... Well done, dear.
23:51! Confusion Blog - Out! (Yes. Quote from Californication. Finally.)

Apr 17, 2012

VCD WoW Contest: Ironforge

Oh my. I did another one. I wanted more depth in this.. But painting is not my strong suite and I guess it reflex into my make up ._.

Inspiration is the lava pools in Ironforge.
The one in the middle, and the stream in the entering of the city. It has three bridges over it, therefore the lashes and the black strokes ^^
Ironforge is a dark place, and all the lava and dwarves (Ironforge is the capital city of the dwarves) makes me think is a dirty, sooty place. So.. Lava + soot = Orange and black smookey eye ^^

Ironforge inspiration:

Shape of the lava in the middle, and the long stream in the lower left corner