About the Bay

Little someting about meee!

Age: 27 atm. Born in august 1988.
Live: Gävle, Sweden

History of me, make up and the blog:
I've been painting my eyes heavily with black eyepencils since I was 11-12.
At 15, the red combined with black eyeshadow arrived. And with a heeeavy eyeliner wing. With a inner corner tag. And of course blood red lipstick. I was such a mess, haha!
As the years went by, the eyeliner got thinner, the lipstick and the red eyeshadow went away. Still heavy on the black.
Then, a couple of years ago, I found the Viva La Diva Tropcial Temptaion-palette, and colours suddenly was not so scary. Always combined with black though.
In June -2010, I began to wonder about making my everyday-blog into what it is today.
It wasn't until late summer/early autum my interest really began. And the start of hunting down the cruelty free make up.
In august 2011, I noticed that the majority of my readers was not swedish, so I found this universal language.. You know it. You read it. Blogging actually became a lot more fun when you can communicate with people across the world <: The language may not be perfect, but hey. I think I get my point through.

Aside from the blog:
I like fuzzywuzzy creatures, tv shows and drag queens, haha!
Three tiny creatures has made my life much more furry, sweet and warm. My two cats, and a dog.
The cats: Two black beasts with the names Zombie and Molly.
They where my sisters, but after she passed away I took to care for them.


Aaaand the tiny little papillon/pomeranian mix named Kaylee!

Did I mention I like drag queens? Urgh, Rupaul's Drag Race is owning my life. COME THROUUGH, YAAAS MAAMAAA! *tongue pop*
Also I like to play videogames like WoW, Starcraft, Civilization, Borderlands, Tropico, Sims, Final Fantasy, Rayman, Child of Light, Skylanders aaand Ori and the Blind Forest.
Aaaand I like other geeky stuff like comics. To be more precise, I like Deadpool. Because how can you not like Deadpool?

Oh, the name of this blog is from a song. Raunchy - Confusion Bay.
I really like it <:
Long presentation is long! Needz to end it!
Thank you for reading my stuff. It does mean a lot! <3