Dec 5, 2014

Bloglovin try-out

Gorram, I miss Google Reader. Best blogfollowerstuff ever. 
I have been trying out The Old Reader since the google reader was shut down, but it aint as good. Also, I cant follow more than 100 blogs with out paying for it. 
So I'm trying this bloglovin thing out again. So far, so bad. Readers makes following easy. You just scroll and read, without delay. Lovin needs to load pages, and stuff. I aint got time for that! 
Gargh.. Oh well.. I'll give it some time. Maybe I'll get better at actually commenting on stuff. 
Wish me luck!
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Dec 2, 2014

Swatch: Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette

I haven't really afford to buy stuff this autum/winter, so I asked mr Confusion if he wanted to give me the Vice 3-palette as a christmas present. The thing was - the only webshop with international shipping was sold out, and wasn't expecting any more to come in. I ran around the place swearing, looking in (almost) every corner of teh interwebz. But no. No Vice 3.
Fortunally, some of our friends was going to the UK the very next day, and guess what they fooouuuund?! = Happy Confusion kitty!
And since they came by with the palette on den 1 of dec.. How could I not open it? And touch it? And hug it?
So.. thanks Simon, Linnea and Kristoffer! ^^

On to the palette. With shitty pictures. Because its always dark and cloudy in Sweden these days. Haven't seen the sun for a week.

 Packaging, makeup bag and the palette.

Awrgh, look at those lovely tones! I just want to rub my face in them. All.
Ok. On to swatches. All shadows are swatched over primer on top, and then bare skin.
First row, vertically.
 Truth, Undone, Downfall, DTF

Second row
Dragon, Freeze, Heroine, Brokedown

Third row
Vanity, Lucky, Reign, Bobby Dazzle

Fourth row
Alien, Alchemy, Bondage, Sonic

Last row
Last Sin, Angel, Defy, Revolver

Most of these shadows are really pigmented, all though the matte ones is a tiny bit disappointing. I know UD can do better. All the shadows in the first row really needs primer to behave well. Also Vanity and Heroine needs this as well. The other shadows are super pigmented, super soft and glides on.

What I like about this palette is first of all, no bubblegum pink! haha. Sure, Alien is pink, but that gorgeous golden duochrome saves it. And deep, red hue in Alchemy makes it workable. 
All of the shadows really work togheter, and there isnt really one that sticks out in a way that makes it unworkable with the others. It features both a matte, metallic and a sparkly highlight, and a matt and a shimmery definer. Also blending colors. Just.. so many wins. And I kind of think that every row, both vertically and horizontally, makes a look with the shadows! I mean, the second row swatches, how pretty aren't they togheter? It makes me think of the caribbean. And pirates. Because of that dirty, bronze-isch Brokedown-shadow. Also top row horizontally gives me inspiration for a makeup look. That Bondage-shadow though. Yum. (And no silver!!!)

What I dont like is the fact that all of the shadows isn't up to UD standards. MANY of them are powdery and produces fall out. I mean, Look at this blurry picture. This is just from the swatching, and I actually blew on it a couple of times before I realized that I could take a blurry picture of it..
Also, this palette is more expensive than last years.. And with the lower standard, it just doesnt add upp. Maybe because of the added makeup pouch. The pouch that the palette comes in is pretty and stuff, but I dont know. Good makeup bag to bring brushes and stuff in.. But.. Meh. Feels like it would get super dirty

All in all, I think that this i a gorgous palette, with great color choises. Soft and natural looks, dark and smokey or bright and sparkly. All can be done with this. Nothing really needs to be added. 
Thumbs up!

This was bought for £40.00 in the UK

Nov 28, 2014

Specks of Chaos

I have had this idea in my head for a couple of days but not really gotten the time for paint it ooon.
Its on. And I freakking love it. Love. It. Haha.
I love how the black glitter looks like random specks. Mwah!
Warning: Picture spam

Products Used
NYX HD Eyeshadow Base
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil - Perversion, Ultraviolet
Urban Decay Electric -  Chaos, Gonzo
Urban Decay Vice 2 - Dope, Prank
Makeup Geek e/s - Vanilla Bean
Sleek Ultra Matts V1 - Chill, Pow!
The Balm Schwing Eyeliner
Medusas Makeup Eyeliner Seal
Black Glitter from eBay
Lashes: Red Cherry #1

Stargazer Velvet e/s - Red
Makeup Geek e/s - Bitten
E.L.F Makeup Lock & Seal

Nov 20, 2014

Video: First Impression - Essence Magenta and Me

Yeah so I made a video. In awful lighting. And with awful skin. That was made more awful by awful lighting. Vicious circle.
And I think the light made my teeth look super yellow. At least I hope they aren't that bad irl.):

Nov 18, 2014

Adore Nikkie

Since I am such a RuPauls Drag Race whore, and a NikkieTutorials fangirl, I had to try out Nikkies Adore Delano/Bratz Doll makeup tutorial. I did wish that I didnt completely close up the inner white part with black, since Adore does not do that.. Aaand my eyeliner was about to end. Heh. Any who. Im not completely in love with this look, but I thought I would share it anywayzzzz...

Nov 14, 2014

Gold Gate

Sparkles!!!! Yez!
Unfortunately my camera ran out of batteries before I could get enough descent pics.. Sigh.
Also, I had this super gross zit just under the eyebrow, and I could not edit it out properly.. So, now theres a weird blurry mess there instead. Heh.
And uh, the concealer under the brows looks super icky... Did not notice that when I took the pics. Sorreh.

Products Used
NYX HD Eyeshadow Base
Victorian Disco Cosmetics - Shepard's Gate
Urban Decay Vice 2 - Rewind, Smokeout, Habit
Urban Decay Theodora - Beware, Broken
Make Up Store c/s - Mirage
The Balm Schwing Eyeliner
Graftobian Powdered Glitter - Gold
Medusas Makeup Eyeliner Seal
IsaDora Inliner Kajal - Blonde
Oriflame Wonder Lash Mascara

Stargazer Velvet e/s - Red
Makeup Geek e/s - Bitten
E.L.F Makeup Lock & Seal

Nov 13, 2014

Swatch: Essence Quattro Eyeshadow - Magenta and Me!

Woah, a swatch?! How active am I?! I should drink coffee more often. Im a better blogger when Im using caffine.

My parents went to Las Palmas for a week, and I sent my mother on a hunt for some Essence stuff. Since I didnt necessarily need anything, and I dont know that much about their products, I just told her to buy whatever.
One of the things she bought was this tiny palette, the Essence Quattro Eyeshadow - 14 Magenta and Me!

It's swatched over primer and bare skin. You can see where the primer ends with the pink and purple shadows, but the two lighter ones are superpigmented. And boy am I glad that silver turned out to be gray! Im not much of a fan of silver shadows..
I haven't used these shadows yet, but they did suprise me a bit. I think they are super pretty! Im thinking about doing kind of an "first impressions" (not really because of the swatch) kind of video when I use it in a makeup. What do you guys think?

*** When I "ordered" Essence, it was because I have read that it was a cruelty free-brand. After getting the products, I did a little digging. It seems like their parent company is a little iffy, so Im not sure that Essence deserves the CF-stamp. ***

Nov 12, 2014

Warning: Bloodzzzzz.

Im super late to the game with my halloween-look, that wasn't really a halloween-lock. I actually wore something else to a halloween party. But on the 31st, we didn't do anything special so I decided to try something with liquid latex again. I tried it once, last halloween, and my skills hasn't really improved since then ;P
It isn't perfect. It doesn't look real. But I love it anyway. Also, when playing with the fake blood over the eyebrow, the liquid ran into the eye.. It stinged a little, and when I opened the eye, my lense had turned red. Booyah. Hahahah. I kept the lense in for a couple of days because I thought it looked kind of cool. It didn't irritate the eye, and the color was gone three days later. I do not recommend doing this though, heh.


Nov 7, 2014


Woot wooot, look nr 2!
I know I have done some looks just like this one in the past, but I used some new techniques and other bases for this one, etc etc. (I cant find the fucking looks, but since I have owned Mac e/s - Club and do own the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone-palette, I KNOW that I have paired it with Lily Lolos Pixie Dust too. Gosh darnit.)
Met up with Comaheart who wore the Makeup Geek Insomna-pigment that night, and I got inspired and wanted to use my Da Vinci Shimmer eyeshadow in Earth, weei!
Oh well. I used a red and blue base for the shadows to stick on. Just to help the duochrome pigment a bit.

 Products Used
NYX HD Eyeshadow Base
Makeup Geek Gel Liner – Poison
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencil – Deep Sea
Shadows:Da Vinci Shimmer e/s – Earth
Makeup Geek e/s – Bitten, Vanilla Bean
Emite e/s – Dams
Stargazer Velvet e/s – Red
Sugarpill Loose e/s – Lumi
Makeup Store cyber e/s - Mirage
The Balm Schwing Eyeliner
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencil – Perversion
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream – San Paolo