May 31, 2012


New header, and blogwidth. What do you think?
Im not so sure about the "reason to celebrate" font and position, but I want it on the header.. so.. Yeah.

Quick question..

I have been receaving Glossyboxes from three months now, and I haven't reviewed anything but the perfume yesterday. 
For you who does not know what Glossybox is, is basically a subscription for beauty products. You pay a fairly low price, and once a month a cute package with practical boxes ( I use mine ones for lashes, candles, eyeshadows etc..) with five products in them. Sometimes fullsized products, sometimes small versions. Never testers though, allthough they can be in the boxes as extra suprises.

So this is what I have recieved the last three months, I know the pic is hidious with the x-es and all, but wtf. You get the point behind them ^^

From the Mars-box, that had the theme "Back to nature"
  • Mádara Ecocosmetics - Toning Shower Soap (25ml/travelsize)
  • Fruit Gorilla and Friends - Caring Lipbalm Rasberry (15g/fullsize)
  • Burt's Bees - Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream (17g/fullsize)
  • L'Occitane - Shea Hand Cream (10ml/minisize)
  • Loréal Paris - Color Riche Le Vernis (5ml/mini)
Cant wrap my head around why Loréal was in this naturefriendly box? 

April-box, which contained winning products from the Swedish Beauty & Cosmetics Awards
  • The Body Shop - Earth Lovers Lemon and Thyme Shower Gel (250ml/fullsize)
  • Replay - Jeans Spirit! For her - EdT & Shower Gel (40ml/travelsize + tester EdT)
  • Maria Nila - Kolorit Volume Powder (50ml/fullsize)
  • Garnier - BB Cream Light (50ml/fullsize)
  • Illamasqua - Sheer Lipgloss Violate (7ml/fullsize)
And the May-box, dont know the name of this one yet.. But summer and scents was the main focus
So.. to my question. S. Questions.

Do you want a review of any of these products?
In the future, would you like to see what I get in every box?
Should I review the products right away, or only the things you beautiful readers want to know more about?

May 30, 2012

Review: Love and Toast - Sugar Grapefruit Perfume

When I am at the fruitsection in a store, I almost always stop and smell the pink grapefruits. It is the best smell ever. And almost every time I smell those damn nice fruits, I say "I want a perfume that smells like this."
And then my glossybox arrived this morning. With this wonderful little (7,5ml) thing.

 Love and Toast - Sugar Grapefruit Perfume

It smells like sugarcoated pink grapefruits! Yay!

 I am so bad at putting my finger on notes in perfumes. All I can sniff is that it is a much sweeter smell that grapefruits. But the pink grapefruit is still very noticeble. The notes are Pink grapefruit, Orange citrus and musky lily.
The scents comes from essential oils, no synthetics, the alcohol in it is made from corn and it's not tested on animals.

My problems with this is that the scent does not stay long on the skin. Not what I can smell any way, but its quite hard to smell your own neck. I do smell a tiny bit of citrusy sweetness on the wrist. But barely noticeble. Haha. 
And the fact you see on the picture above. Just a opening in the bottle. I practically showered in this today, because Im a cluts. 

Even though it does not last very long, I still love this perfume. And I do not grow fond of sweet smells. But this is so nice and summery. Lovely. Im gonna wear this all summer. Wonder if it blends well with Illamasquas Freak, for those partynights.. Hrrhrr..

Colourful Wednesday: Purple Quarter

This make up looks more messy in pictures than it is irl ._.
As you might noticed from a lot of my pictures, my liner does that kind of bump under the wing?
I have a weird eyeshape for liner. It's really frustrating. If I make it a smal line the eyes look droopy, so I have to make it thick all the time. And that bump.. well. I dont want to make it thicker :')

 Products Used
Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
Victorian Disco - Zangermarsh
Victorian Disco - Mage Quarter
Victorian Disco - Skywalker

Peggy Sage Cakeeyeliner
Medusa Eyeliner Seal
Lumene Blueberry Curl Mascara (Two months in it's starting to smell funny.. grr)
IsaDora Browpencil - Dark Brown
IsaDora Browgel - Transparent

May 28, 2012

Same but different

Yeah so I had a strong feeling for brights. Especially yellow. But I have a trouble wearing black liner with a bright yellow shadow.. Så.. Mix it up!

Products used
Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
Victorian Disco - Sapped (eyelid)
Victorian Disco - Emerald Dream (crease) +
(Mixed with Medusa Eyeliner Seal for eyeliner)
DuWop Rotating Map palette - Rum (highlight)
NYX JP - Milk

Lumene Blueberry Curl Mascara
IsaDora Browpencil - Dark Brown
IsaDora Eyebrowgel - Transparent

 I am soooo not used to wearing so bright colours without black. I look so weird without black and with flat hair :')

May 25, 2012

Emerald Crease

 Lash-try out again. With my new shadows. ^^

Products Used
Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
Victorian Disco - Emerald Dream (crease)
Victorian Disco - Sapped (to blend out crease)
Victorian Disco - Under the Outland Skies (as liner, mixed with Eyeliner seal)
Victorian Disco - Forest Moon (lightly on eyelid)
NYX Slide On eyepencil - Jet Black
Medusa - Eyeliner Seal
Lashes from kkcenter hk

May 24, 2012


So, I painted my nails in a greenish-blue colour. Then I saw some glitter (Ia Mias Micro Fine Glitter - Hologram). And made the bad choice of dipping my nails in it. Glitter EVERYWHERE.
Took a browbrush and brushed away all the glitter, pushed the glitter on the nails a tiny bit, then two coats of Seche Vite.

May 23, 2012

Colourful Wednesday

Should I add another titel to the .. titel? Like .. Colourful Wednesday: Zangermarsh?
Hm. Maybe.

Oh well. I love this shadow, it looks wet!

Products used
Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
Victorian Disco - Zangermarsh
Victorian Disco - Sapped
Victorian Disco - Emerald Dream
Victorian Disco - Forest Moon
NYX JP - Milk
120 palette - White

Peggy Sage Cake eyeliner - Noir
Medusa - Eyeliner Seal
Lumene Blueberry Curl Mascara
IsaDora Eyebrow Pencil - Dark Brown
IsaDora Eyebrowgel - Transparent

DuWop Rotating Map palette - Devils Fish, Chalice

Look at those awesome nails!

May 22, 2012

Swatch: Victorian Disco - Bits and things from the Azeroth Collection

I had my final exams in Math today. Im horrible at math. No good at all. Hope I made it this time, though.. Its my third try ;P
Lunchbreak was about 1½ hour long, so I went home. And found a pleasant suprise.

Cute package from sweet Ashley at Victorian Disco Cosmetics :D

One word. GORGEOUS!!!!
Blueish green, with a green sheen and turquoise shimmer. Pigmentet as hell.

Emerald Dream
Lovely darker green, this a nice green sheen and golden green sparkles

Bright bright yellow, with a slight violet sheen. Lovely. 
The shimmer makes it so special

Under the Outland Skies
Black base with lots of different sparkles in it. 
I rarly reach for black shadows now a days, but with this sparkle.. I had to have it.

A blackend purple, filled with purple sheen and purple shimmers. Lovely.

Mage Quarter
Ah. Ma. Zing.
Bright purple, with the most amazing sheen and shimmers in red.

Will not include Wintergrasp. Its a matte white. Well pigmented. And it's not mine ^^ 

The top row is on Lime Crime Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper.
The bottom on bare skin.

And a video for the amazing glitters!