May 30, 2012

Review: Love and Toast - Sugar Grapefruit Perfume

When I am at the fruitsection in a store, I almost always stop and smell the pink grapefruits. It is the best smell ever. And almost every time I smell those damn nice fruits, I say "I want a perfume that smells like this."
And then my glossybox arrived this morning. With this wonderful little (7,5ml) thing.

 Love and Toast - Sugar Grapefruit Perfume

It smells like sugarcoated pink grapefruits! Yay!

 I am so bad at putting my finger on notes in perfumes. All I can sniff is that it is a much sweeter smell that grapefruits. But the pink grapefruit is still very noticeble. The notes are Pink grapefruit, Orange citrus and musky lily.
The scents comes from essential oils, no synthetics, the alcohol in it is made from corn and it's not tested on animals.

My problems with this is that the scent does not stay long on the skin. Not what I can smell any way, but its quite hard to smell your own neck. I do smell a tiny bit of citrusy sweetness on the wrist. But barely noticeble. Haha. 
And the fact you see on the picture above. Just a opening in the bottle. I practically showered in this today, because Im a cluts. 

Even though it does not last very long, I still love this perfume. And I do not grow fond of sweet smells. But this is so nice and summery. Lovely. Im gonna wear this all summer. Wonder if it blends well with Illamasquas Freak, for those partynights.. Hrrhrr..