Jan 30, 2012

On some random note..

This woman could be related to the beautiful miss Viola, more known as Killer Colours
Right? No?
Like her grandmas mother or something

Jan 25, 2012


Hi guys.
As you may have noticed, I'm not quite back yet.
I'm back in school again, since monday.
Back with living in a bag and rarly having time for anything else.

Hoping this will change soon though.
The first of febuary I'm moving to a new place. Not my own place though. Wah.
Renting a room 7 km from school. I'm a bit whiny about that.
And the fact that the owner says that I can have my two darling cats there, but I have to have them in my room when I'm not at home.
Yeah. A litterbox and two bored cats in a small room is definitly a good idea. Or is it?

Good news is that I, hopefully, wont be shitpoor any more. Which means I can buy more stuff and play around and show you stuff again. Im feeling uninspired with what I have, and with thoes horrible brushes that keep shedding on my face.

Keep your fingers crossed, I know I am!
Find a reason to celebreate, and always be invincible.
Until we meet again, ciao!

(Gorram what a serious ending.
In my language of unseriousness it means: Party hard, I'll be back. Bye!)

Jan 18, 2012

Bronzed and turquoised

A look made with Sleeks Original-palette.

NYX HD Eyeshadow Primer
Sleek The Original-palette - bronze, light pink and turquoise
Sleek Acid-palette - white  for hightlight and on white line
NYX Jumbo eye pencil - milk
Sleek Storm-palette - Matte browns for eyebrows
Make Up Stores Multi Lash Mascara

Swatch: Lumene Lingonberry Lasting Lip Stain & Balm - 10 Promise

I've seen this product in a lot of swedish beauty blogs, and 10 Promise was the only one that caught my eye (especially from THIS post) even thought that it maaaybe to pink for me.
But it such a dark pink that is does not bother me. (I have a problem with putting pink make up with red hair). It works well, no?

Either way. Here is the lip stain and my thoughts around it.

One stroke  to the left (or over..)
Two strokes  to the right (or lower..)

Just the stain. About two coats.
It's quite hard to get even.. 
And with the balm on.

Around here I realized that it looks kinda like MAC Satin Lipstick in Rebel, but a bit pinkier.

Rebel on top
Promise is the two lower ones. 

In the winter my lips are soo dry most of the time. The stain it self is a little moistureising, but not enough for my lips so the balm was really needed.
I wore it a night out for some beers wih a friend, and I did had to re-apply it a few times, but it could be due to licking of my dry lips. 
When I wore it with Rebel on top it stayed on reeeally good. The guy was slightly pink on his lips but hey, Rebel is not smudgeproof.  

All in all, a good buy!
I bought it for 115 kr (€13,55, $17,44) at Kicks.

Jan 13, 2012

Lingon + rebel = Love

Im great at disappearing from teh interwebz, arent I?

Either way. I bought Lumenes lingonberry lip stain nr 10 - promise (review coming soon) and it's kinda the same color as Macs lipstick Rebel. So I put them both togheter and posed for my iphone. From wich Im writing.

Jan 9, 2012

Apperently my header has checked out for good. Dont know why. But Im trying to build a new, better one. And that means a new design. And Im bad at designs. And headers.


EDIT: Well.. It's green. And I dont like having a picture of my self in the header like that..
Tried to just put in some make up-stuff, but it looked awful.
I'll just settle for this one until it buggs the crap out of me. Cheers!

Cut it out

My second cut crease I ever made!
Its ok on one eye, the other one failed. Big time. But you get to see both.

I did not get any photos of my new years-make up. Or any other make up I did on the trip. Just this one. Sorry bout that. I'll try to get better.

Here it is anyway. A green and black cut crease.

Good heavens how I failed. Whyyyy?!

Products used

NYX HD Primer
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - Milk for lid and Black Bean for crease
Sleek Acid palette - the neon green, the neon yellow, darker green, white (highlight) and black
Body Shop Eye Shimmer - 08 (highlight)
Peggy Sage eyeliner
Chanel eye pencil - Noir
Make Up Store - Multi Lash Mascara

Happy about the thought of getting rid of the bad manicure?

Jan 5, 2012

Bad update

Hi guys.
Im still alive but not back in the blogosphere yet.

Still in Karlstad, chillaxing. Going to visit my brother tomorrow, probably be home sunday.
So new stuff is coming up next week, promise!

And oh. I reaaally reaaaaally like Star Wars The Old Republic.
So thats what I've been doing when 'the guy' is working. Heh.