Jan 25, 2012


Hi guys.
As you may have noticed, I'm not quite back yet.
I'm back in school again, since monday.
Back with living in a bag and rarly having time for anything else.

Hoping this will change soon though.
The first of febuary I'm moving to a new place. Not my own place though. Wah.
Renting a room 7 km from school. I'm a bit whiny about that.
And the fact that the owner says that I can have my two darling cats there, but I have to have them in my room when I'm not at home.
Yeah. A litterbox and two bored cats in a small room is definitly a good idea. Or is it?

Good news is that I, hopefully, wont be shitpoor any more. Which means I can buy more stuff and play around and show you stuff again. Im feeling uninspired with what I have, and with thoes horrible brushes that keep shedding on my face.

Keep your fingers crossed, I know I am!
Find a reason to celebreate, and always be invincible.
Until we meet again, ciao!

(Gorram what a serious ending.
In my language of unseriousness it means: Party hard, I'll be back. Bye!)