Jan 24, 2015

Dark Room

When Melt Cosmetics lauched their limited edition lipstick in Dark Room, I was over the moon in love with the promos and pics of it. So I bought it. Even though I really didn't afford it. And I am super disappointed with it. I'll do a different post about it though. 
Here it is in action, a lot of work and applied about four or five times. 
What I do love is them lashes! It feels superweird to have them on, since I am not used to wearing thick falsies. 
Of course the daylight was fading when I was taking the pictures, so they aren't up to standard. 

Products Used
NYX HD Eyeshadow Base
Urban Decay Vice 3 - Habit
Urban Decay Theodora - Beware, Broken
Sleek Au Natural - Regal, Nougat
The Balm Schwing Eyeliner 
Lashes: Eyelure Definition no 121

Stargazer Velvet e/s - Red
Makeup Geek e/s - Bitten
E.L.F Makeup Lock & Seal

Melt Cosmetics lipstick - Dark Room

Tikei Mineral Foundation - C2
Collection Lasting Perfection - 1 & 2
Yves Rocher Bronzing Powder - Tropical Tentation
NYX Blush - Taupe
Sleek Face Form - Light (Highlighter)

Jan 23, 2015

Dragon Freak

I felt like doing green. And wearing new lashes. So.. here it is.
Btw,  the Regal-shadow from Sleeks Au Naturel-palette is not a good eyebrow-color. That's why the outer part of my brow is kind of reddish. Also, I have no clue what to do with the inner corner when I do these kind of "halo" looks. So I forgot to anything good about it.

Products Used
NYX HD Eyeshadow Base
Sleek Ultra Matte V1 - Cricket, Dragonfly, Pow!
Sleek Ultra Matte V2 - Fern, Noir
Urban Decay Vice 3 - Dragon
Urban Decay Electric - Freak
Inglot e/s - #30
The Balm Schwing Eyeliner 
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Pencil - Perversion
Lashes: Eyelure Definition - No. 121

Urban Decay Vice 2 - Rewind
NYX Eyebrow Marker - Deep
Sleek Au Naturel - Regal (Mixed with E.L.F Makeup Lock & Seal)

Monu First Defence Illuminating Primer
Yves Rocher Matte Fluid Foundation - Rose 100
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - 1 & 2
Tikei Finishing Veil - Matte
Yves Rocher Bronzing Powder - Tropical Tentation
NYX Blush - Taupe
Sleek Face Form - Light (Highlighter)

Milani Color Statement Lipstick - Naturally Chic

Jan 22, 2015

Add a Broke.

I really liked the PPI Add A Lash. It didnt make my eyes water, got sticky really fast and the applicator is nice.
It dried out in the container quite fast though, so the glue got gunky and I had to remove the little blobb in the opening to get more glue out.
It seemes like this made the the glue stick to the cap, so when I turned the cap the whole fregging thing broke.

Upset. I have to find another latex free, good glue with an applicator now. Give me some tips.

Swatches: This and that

I have so much crap in my "not blogged"-folder. Sometimes because I couldn't get a decent pic of the product or swatch, most of the time it's because I just dont know what to write about it. So.. Here's a mixed tape. Heh.
Lots of products that I have bought, photographed, swatched, but not written about. Holler if you want more info or pics, or even a look, with any of the products! :)

First up - La Femme Professional Wooden Eye Pencil in Teal, Purple, Auburn, Dark Brown

Quick review: Really long, wooden pencils. Super classic. Quite hard, with ok payoff.
Cost: $1.49 USD

Mehron Paradise Glitter in Shamrock Green and Mehron Glitter Dust in Opalescent White.

Quick review: Just simple glitters. The glitter dust is amazing and I do use it alot.
Cost: $3.99 USD
Where: Camerareadycosmetics.com

Graftobian Glitter Powder - Gold

Quick review: Simple glitter. Nothing more, nothing less.
Cost: $4.29 USD
Where: Camerareadycosmetics.com

Ben Nye POP Art Lip Colour - Royal Grape

Quick review: Super pretty berry color! Love this kind of shade. Last picture is OCC Lip Tar in Black Dahlia, Ben Nyes Royal Grape, and Sleek Lipstick - Smother.
Cost: $10.00 USD
Where: Camerareadycosmetics.com

IsaDora Sugar Crush Nail Polish - 128 Ocean Crush

Quick review: Easy to use, fast drying. Super pretty. Not sure if you can buy it anymore.
Cost: 79 Swedish kr ~ $9.60 USD
Where: In every swedish store.. heh. And eleven.se

Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadow - 05 Chocolate Jewelery

Quick review: Pretty bronzy brown color! Haven't used it that much though.. 
Cost: No clue.
Where: My mom bought in Las Palma. Teehee.

Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish - 02 Mauserl, 132 Break Through, 169 A Hint of Love

Quick review: Pigmented, easily applied. Dries decently fast. Wide brush. I like'em.
Cost: No clue.
Where: My mom bought in Las Palma. Teehee.

A whooole bunch of lashes!
Ardell Corset - 503, Red Cherry #47 & #46, Eyelure Definition No 121, Kiss Looks So Natural - Flirty.

Quick review: The corset-ones was unevenly made, and sat weird on the eyes.. Red Cherry #46s are my favorites, so I bought four more pairs. And #47s because they looked cool. And they are humongous. The Eyelure-ones are supper pretty but quite hard in the stem. The Kiss-ones are so soft you cant even feel them when you thouch'em. Amazing.
Cost: Ardell: $3.49 USD, Red Cherry: $2.50 USD, Eyelure: $4.99 USD, Kiss: $3.95 USD.

Jan 5, 2015

Throwback: Valentine

I have had an idea of redoing reeeally old makeups.. Just to motivate my self, that I have improved during the years. So I am going to have a Throwback & Redo-series ^^
I thought I found a good lightsource, the pictures look good in the camera, but shit on the computer, sorry bout that.

Oh well. First redo is from Feb 14, 2014. Back then I described it as "typical valentines makeup". I really dont know why.

Well, this time I was not shy with the colors.. Heh. All though the camera didnt really catch the real color of the shadows, it was much more red ._.

Products Used
NYX HD Eyeshadow Base
.Färg Inliner - White
Victorian Disco Cosmetics - Minty Butler
Urban Decay Electric - Slow Burn
Technic Electric Eyes - Rosy Red shadow
MUG e/s - Bitten
Urban Decay Vice 3 - Bobby Dazzle, Truth
The Balm Schwing Eyeliner 
IsaDora Inliner Kajal - Blonde
Lashes: Grimas #120

Technic Bronze - Dark, matte brown shadow
NYX Eyebrow Marker - Deep
Modelco More Brows - Medium/Dark

Shiro Cosmetics Intertube - Why not Zoidberg?

Dec 5, 2014

Bloglovin try-out

Gorram, I miss Google Reader. Best blogfollowerstuff ever. 
I have been trying out The Old Reader since the google reader was shut down, but it aint as good. Also, I cant follow more than 100 blogs with out paying for it. 
So I'm trying this bloglovin thing out again. So far, so bad. Readers makes following easy. You just scroll and read, without delay. Lovin needs to load pages, and stuff. I aint got time for that! 
Gargh.. Oh well.. I'll give it some time. Maybe I'll get better at actually commenting on stuff. 
Wish me luck!
Follow me on bloglovin! ;) 

Dec 2, 2014

Swatch: Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette

I haven't really afford to buy stuff this autum/winter, so I asked mr Confusion if he wanted to give me the Vice 3-palette as a christmas present. The thing was - the only webshop with international shipping was sold out, and wasn't expecting any more to come in. I ran around the place swearing, looking in (almost) every corner of teh interwebz. But no. No Vice 3.
Fortunally, some of our friends was going to the UK the very next day, and guess what they fooouuuund?! = Happy Confusion kitty!
And since they came by with the palette on den 1 of dec.. How could I not open it? And touch it? And hug it?
So.. thanks Simon, Linnea and Kristoffer! ^^

On to the palette. With shitty pictures. Because its always dark and cloudy in Sweden these days. Haven't seen the sun for a week.

 Packaging, makeup bag and the palette.

Awrgh, look at those lovely tones! I just want to rub my face in them. All.
Ok. On to swatches. All shadows are swatched over primer on top, and then bare skin.
First row, vertically.
 Truth, Undone, Downfall, DTF

Second row
Dragon, Freeze, Heroine, Brokedown

Third row
Vanity, Lucky, Reign, Bobby Dazzle

Fourth row
Alien, Alchemy, Bondage, Sonic

Last row
Last Sin, Angel, Defy, Revolver

Most of these shadows are really pigmented, all though the matte ones is a tiny bit disappointing. I know UD can do better. All the shadows in the first row really needs primer to behave well. Also Vanity and Heroine needs this as well. The other shadows are super pigmented, super soft and glides on.

What I like about this palette is first of all, no bubblegum pink! haha. Sure, Alien is pink, but that gorgeous golden duochrome saves it. And deep, red hue in Alchemy makes it workable. 
All of the shadows really work togheter, and there isnt really one that sticks out in a way that makes it unworkable with the others. It features both a matte, metallic and a sparkly highlight, and a matt and a shimmery definer. Also blending colors. Just.. so many wins. And I kind of think that every row, both vertically and horizontally, makes a look with the shadows! I mean, the second row swatches, how pretty aren't they togheter? It makes me think of the caribbean. And pirates. Because of that dirty, bronze-isch Brokedown-shadow. Also top row horizontally gives me inspiration for a makeup look. That Bondage-shadow though. Yum. (And no silver!!!)

What I dont like is the fact that all of the shadows isn't up to UD standards. MANY of them are powdery and produces fall out. I mean, Look at this blurry picture. This is just from the swatching, and I actually blew on it a couple of times before I realized that I could take a blurry picture of it..
Also, this palette is more expensive than last years.. And with the lower standard, it just doesnt add upp. Maybe because of the added makeup pouch. The pouch that the palette comes in is pretty and stuff, but I dont know. Good makeup bag to bring brushes and stuff in.. But.. Meh. Feels like it would get super dirty

All in all, I think that this i a gorgous palette, with great color choises. Soft and natural looks, dark and smokey or bright and sparkly. All can be done with this. Nothing really needs to be added. 
Thumbs up!

This was bought for £40.00 in the UK