Jun 8, 2016

Freak Out

This was a video makin attempt gone wrong. Couldnt see what I was doing, camera ran out of memory, daylight faded... And I wasnt really pleased with the result. The photos arent great either.
But it's better than nothing!

Jun 6, 2016

Lush Haul!

Damn you, Lush Kitchen. Damn you. You will steal all my money. And I dont have all that much!
A few years ago, I saw Vampy Varnish post about the Almond and Coconut Smoothie, and I needed it. But by then, it was no longer available in sweden nor the uk. I wrote to both uk and swedish Lush about it, but I was out of luck. It was no longer in their production.
And a few months ago, a friend of mine told me about Lush Kitchen.
And a few weeks ago, the Creamed Almond and Coconut Smoothie showed up in their Kitchen. And I pounced.
With a few other products.. I would have gone bananas, but you know.. Shit's expensive.

So here's my first Kitchen + Uk Lush order. I have another on the way, but thats another post.

First up:
Creamed Almond and Coconut Smoothie. 
What made me NEED this, is that I looooove their smoothies. They make you super soft, smell awesome and they are perfect for lazy people like me who cant be bother with lotions.
And that I love almonds, coconut and jasmin. 
The thing is though, I dont like the scent of vanilla. And this smells mostly like vanilla. 
But at least it's an earty and nutty vanilla scent, so its all good. I still like this, even though it doesnt smell exactly like I wanted it to. 

On to
Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair Shower Gel
I wasnt super excited about this, but since it contains my favorite scents, lavender and jasmin, and the fact that I am in love with Lushs shower gels, I threw this in the basket to. (And since I got dumped recently, the name called out to me too, huehuehue)
Fig and guava juice, with lavender, jasmin, ylang ylang and and rose petals, makes an ... unusual scent. Kind of fresh and uplifting, but at the same time all flowery and ... nice! Its more of an unisex scent, than a flowery sweet "womanly" (gaging at that word) scent. 
I really do like it! The colour is stunning too. Great for hot summer days. And some one actually told me I smelled awesome, and that it kind of smelled like Karma, but not really. I dont know how Karma smells, but my thumbs are up!

Last one
Twilight Bath bomb
To most lushies, this bath bomb isn't news. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Twilight Shower Gel. It's my all time favorit scent. And since I have a bath tub at my new place, this bath bomb was a must have.
It smells just like the shower gel. Lavender, heavy and sweet.
But I havent tried it yet. My bathroom smells so amazing with this bomb just waiting for a bath, so I havent dared to use it. Haha.
But pictures have told me that it looks beautiful in the bath. All pink to blue to purple and .. Yes.
Cant wait. I need to always are two in my home, one for a bath, and the second to always smell that awesome Twilight scent.

May 27, 2016

Half Drag

I tried to do some drag makeup on one half of my face a few days ago. I do need A LOT of practice. But it was fun! And super weird.

May 18, 2016


Simple look just to play with new brow colours to match my new hair colour. Or something. Woop woop.

Products Used
I dont really remember the neutral shadows
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil - Perversion
Sugarpill e/s - Tako, Bulletproof
Melt Cosmetics - Fixated
Lashes: Morphe Brushes #47

Stargazer Eyeliner Pen - Red, Blue
Stargazer e/s - Red
Sugarpill e/s - Poison Plum
Sleek Ultra Matte V2 - Villain
E.L.F Makeup Lock & Seal

some lip pencil

Apr 26, 2016

Dear Villain

Oh herro. I felt kind of badass today. Therefore the weird face expressions. I cant look badass. I just look dorky. woh.
Also, my hair has a fancy new colour.

Products Used
Milani Eyeshadow Primer
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil - Tornado, Perversion
Colorpop Super Shock Shadow - Doe-a-Deer
Sleek Ultra Matte V2 - Thunder
MUS Blush - Kiss On the Cheek
Sugarpill e/s - Tako, Bulletproof
MUG e/s - Blacklight
Lashes: Depend 'Faith'

Stargazer e/s - Red
Sleek Ultra Matte V2 - Villain
E.L.F Makeup Lock & Seal

Apr 10, 2016

We Heart Poison

I did makeup! I did! I did! Aaand just about all the photos turned out blurry and weird because the sun was setting and casting a warm tone on one side on my face. Great.

Aaany who. My obsession with Poison Plum doesnt seem to end. So here is We Heart This from Colourpop with Poison Plum from Sugarpill in the crease. Woop woop.

Products Used
Milani Eyeshadow Base
.färg Inliner Pencil - White
The Color Workshop Eye Pencil - Dark Blue
Colourpop Super Shock Shadow - We Heart This, Doe-a-Deer
Sugarpill e/s - Poison Plum, Bulletproof, Tako
Stargazer e/s - Lavender
MUG e/s - Blacklight
Isadora Inliner Pencil - Blonde
NYX Matte Liquid Liner - Black
Lashes: Morphe #47

Neve Cosmetics Manga Brows - Ash Blonde/Cold Brown
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil - Tornado
Sugarpill e/s - Poison Plum

Shiro Cosmetics Intertubes - Why Not Zoidberg?

Mar 19, 2016


First try with the Colourpop shadows! Used both fingers and brushes to apply, and it was super easy.
Kind of bummed that Erotic turns pink when applied lightly or blended. Oh well. It worked well with the look.

Products Used
Milani Eyeshadow Primer
Colourpop Super Shock Shadow - Puppy Love, Erotic, Doe-a-Deer, I Heart This
MUG e/s - Blacklight
NYX Matte Liquid Liner - Black
Lashes: Depend 'Faith'

Stargazer Velvet e/s - Red
Melt Cosmetics - Love Sick
E.L.F Makeup Lock & Seal

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - San Paulo

Mar 18, 2016

Swatch: Colourpop Super Shock Shadows - Puppy Love, I Heart This, Erotic, Doe-a-Deer

Finally got to try out some Colourpop stuff! To pick out a few items among all that awesome stuff was pure torture. I want so much more!!!

I tried to pick out stuff that I actually would use, rather than things I just wanted bcuz pretty. Or bright. I narrowed things down with thinking I 'needed' a  base color that could be used as a highlighter, something glittery, something smokey and something bright. Because ordering stuff från Colourpop without getting someting that POPS aint right, dawg. (Sorry, watching Fresh Prince while writing)
A quick swatch of the Lippie Stix "Bichette" is in this post too, I dont know how to write anything but "it's perfect" about it. It might get its own post.

Puppy Love

I Heart This



First swatch with just one swipe and no primer (and Bichette)

Swatch over primer, several swipes with finger

Ok, thoughts..
First up, Puppy Love. I couldnt really catch it's pretty duochrome/sheen-ness. Peachy colour with a soft pink and cold sheen. "All proceeds from the sale of ‘Puppy Love’ will be donated to Best Friends Animal Society". This donating thing, with the paw on the lid and the perfect base color/highlight, it was no brainer that I had to get it. Sadly, it's not available any more.

And then then on to something glittery... And boy, Colourpop have some nice glittery ones. I thought I would by something that would be easily packed on it's on or on other shadows for a pop of sparkle. Enter, I Heart This. Described as "Cool-toned silvery taupe with multi-coloured glitter", this color is super perdy! Its like... cool and warm at the same time. KWAARM. (H5 if you get the reference) Lots of sparkle, all though the silver showes up a bit more.

Doe-a-Deer got to be the "something smokey" shadow. I thought it would bring out the green in my eyes in a smokey look, or just a simple crease colour that isnt black or brown. Described as a "blackened violet", I feel is more of a dark plum with a hint of a purple sheen. Gorgeous. 

And for the fun shadow. Erotic. This shadow makes me moan. It's described as a "Super neon candy apple red with sparkling pink and copper glitter" and I couldnt agree more. Super bright, super sparkly. Super erotic. Also, look at this close up swatch, is pure sex.

I havent played around with these shadow that much, therefore I havent really commented on the quality. If you are new to Colourpop, I can tell you that these shadows are not regular shadows. They are in this.. weird.. mousse-y gel formula. That turns into powder when used.
Cant wait to do some looks with them!

** Colourpop är ganska svårt att få tag i i Sverige då de inte fraktar utanför USA. Jag sambeställde med två andra, varav en av oss hade kontakter i USA som kunde beställa hem till sig och skicka vidare ut till Sverige. Annars går det att skaffa sådan där postbox av något slag. Är inte tillräckligt påläst för att vilja tipsa om något där. Googla!