Jan 9, 2012

Cut it out

My second cut crease I ever made!
Its ok on one eye, the other one failed. Big time. But you get to see both.

I did not get any photos of my new years-make up. Or any other make up I did on the trip. Just this one. Sorry bout that. I'll try to get better.

Here it is anyway. A green and black cut crease.

Good heavens how I failed. Whyyyy?!

Products used

NYX HD Primer
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - Milk for lid and Black Bean for crease
Sleek Acid palette - the neon green, the neon yellow, darker green, white (highlight) and black
Body Shop Eye Shimmer - 08 (highlight)
Peggy Sage eyeliner
Chanel eye pencil - Noir
Make Up Store - Multi Lash Mascara

Happy about the thought of getting rid of the bad manicure?


  1. hey it wasn't so bad (and i'm serious when saying: i've seen worse!) but cut creases takes a bit practice! godd choice of colour, I so love the acid palette, but sometimes I feel it's difficult to get it evenly saturated!//Azure

  2. Jag tycker att det blev rätt bra, högeerögat blev nog bättre än det vänstra. Och håller med föregående talare, cut creases kräver lite träning...

  3. Azure: I cant focus on anything when I look at the Acid-palette. I just wanna run around i circles, yelling "Omg Omg Omg NEEEOOON!"
    But yeah. It's hard to get it even. But I forgive it. I mean. Neon.

    Emma: Åh tack <:
    Jag har börjat fundera lite över ifall det beror på att ljuset kom ifrån det hållet där ögat blev bra, så det andra blev skuggat och slarvigt.