May 22, 2012

Swatch: Victorian Disco - Bits and things from the Azeroth Collection

I had my final exams in Math today. Im horrible at math. No good at all. Hope I made it this time, though.. Its my third try ;P
Lunchbreak was about 1½ hour long, so I went home. And found a pleasant suprise.

Cute package from sweet Ashley at Victorian Disco Cosmetics :D

One word. GORGEOUS!!!!
Blueish green, with a green sheen and turquoise shimmer. Pigmentet as hell.

Emerald Dream
Lovely darker green, this a nice green sheen and golden green sparkles

Bright bright yellow, with a slight violet sheen. Lovely. 
The shimmer makes it so special

Under the Outland Skies
Black base with lots of different sparkles in it. 
I rarly reach for black shadows now a days, but with this sparkle.. I had to have it.

A blackend purple, filled with purple sheen and purple shimmers. Lovely.

Mage Quarter
Ah. Ma. Zing.
Bright purple, with the most amazing sheen and shimmers in red.

Will not include Wintergrasp. Its a matte white. Well pigmented. And it's not mine ^^ 

The top row is on Lime Crime Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper.
The bottom on bare skin.

And a video for the amazing glitters!