Apr 25, 2012

Swatch: Victorian Disco Cosmetics Eyeshadows..

Since I ordered a whole bunch of them, and got two awesome testers, I throw in all of them in this post <:

I ordered Skywalker, Outer Rim (old Lightsaber), Forest Moon (old It's A Trap!), Death Star, Ewok Pajama Party, Lightspeed, Clones (old The Fett) from the collection called "In A Galaxy Far, Far Down The Street" which of course is a Star Wars inspired collection ^^
The two testers I got was Wookie Noises and Youngling
I also ordered Tifa and Cloud, a duo from the collection Crystalline Affections. Every Crystalline Affection-shadow is in a duo, inspired by two of the main characters in one Final Fantasy game <:
High on geekery I am - I am!
So .Pictures. Swatches. Video. Go go!
First up, Jars

Over Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper on top, and on bare skin on bottom
Indirect sunlight.


Direct sunlight
See that awesome glitter?!
Want to see more of it? OF COURSE.
Here's a video for yah! (3rd Rock From the Sun in the background. Awesome Show..)

After I slept for 4 hours. Ehe.

Some of the shadows does not show up as it should. Clones and Ewok Pajama Party is more purple in life. Cloud is a bit more blue. Too many colours for my camera to deal with ^^ 
All in all, I love these shadows. I'm really happy i got Wookie Noises as a tester, cause that colour is AH.MAH. ZING. I though that Forest Moon would be a darker green, but I am in love with that sheer wash of golden green.Miss Smashley did an awesome job. You're getting another order from me. Soon. Like, right after I have written this post.

You can get these colours, or maybe some Sailor Moon-inspired ones perhaps? at Victorian Disco Cosmetics