Apr 25, 2012

Swatch: Lime Crime Carousel Gloss - Kaleidoscope

I bought this mostly "because I deserved it" the night of the makeup-kidnap.
Threw a bunch of "need"s things, brushes and all that, first. And then this. It's definitly too dark for my comfort zone, but its sooo cool. It can be worn sheer over another lip colour, like I did here.

So. Kaleidoscope is a gorgeous darkned, red based purple with turquoise shimmer in it. The shimmer is very noticeble! :D 
The applicatior is a short brush, wich I like very much. Easy to apply even though it's kind of hard to get the gloss even. 
Smells a little bit like fudge. Nom.
Oh well. I'm no good at writing reviews. It's sticky, and the lasting is great. I dont mind the stickyness. 
Enjoy pics of this beautiful thing!

I bought this at Cocktail Cosmetics, where it costs £11.50