Apr 29, 2012

Quickie in the night.

Did this on... ... dont know. Monday?

  And then lashes and a black crease!

I was fighting A LOT with these lashes when I got them about a year ago. Always thought that it was due to the weirdness of the lashes that they wouldnt stick in the inner corner.
But I made it. They got stuck. Not good. But they are there. Seemes that my lash.skills are getting better ^^

Not gonna write products used. Because..Well.. Im not sober. And I do not remember what I used.
So... 30th of april is a BIG day here in Sweden. Well, atleast in Uppsala. Its not a free-day per say, but in Uppsala and other student cities, schools is a free-day. So.. Friday, saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday is party-days in my town this week. And it tells. The park outside my home looks like crap allready, and there is portapottys everywhere!
You bet I am gonna show you some pictures.:D