Apr 18, 2012

Colourful Wednesday: 4

Moar like Last minute Wednesday ^^
Did my make up in a rush, took the photos in a rush, saw that the clock was 23:30 and edited and fixed the photos in a rush, and now Im writing in a rush, cause time is 23:47. Amagad need to post colourful wednesday on wednesday!!!

Its blue/green and gold. Great. Haha. ^^ Not so pleased with it. But hey, in a haste its ok. Its colourful either way ^^

 Total tardface on the left, haha! 
And somewhat pleased with her new shirt on the right. Epic proudness. ^^

Seems that I have scratched of some of the foundation on the nose... Well done, dear.
23:51! Confusion Blog - Out! (Yes. Quote from Californication. Finally.)