Feb 2, 2012


Just writing out som angst and a little, tiny pled.

As some of you might know, my sister passed away the autum of 2010.
At 32 years old the cancer that she had been struggeling with for a few years, spread out everywhere and took over. There was nothing we could do.
The sentence was: Not much left. Maybe a month or two.
One week later, she was gone.

Nobody knew what had happen. The nurses was allmost as baffled as us.
Still too this day we dont know why it went so fast.

The girl whoms sofa I've been borrowing since last autum, 2011, is a breast cancer survivor.
And she got some bad news last week.
Swollen lymph nodes in the chest, just next to (actually bumping into) the aorta.
The doctors did not know why, so she got a new appointment to look closer (aka camera in body)
Its been a week now, and the appointment has not happend yet.

Can you imagen?
A week with not knowing if you have a future? If you're going to plan your own funeral or planning the rest of your life? To plan for another painful time of radiation or cytotoxins?

Its painful to see. Its painful to re-live.
Fuck cancer.
Yeah. FUCK IT.

Been googling around and found this.

This site was awesome. Be sure to check out The Shirts For A Cure Project (From which the shirt is from)
The shirts proceed are used to help  people with breast cancer.
(And check out the awesome bracelets!)

Or chip in to any cancer-awareness of your choice.
Im checking in an awesome purple hoodie with the text FUCK CANCER from the swedish response to Generation Y - Ung Cancer.

and for you internationals LetFcancer

Keep invincible.