Feb 8, 2012

Some updates on the updates!

Thanks a bunch for all the nice comments on the FUCK CANCER-post!
My friend has got a day set for the operation next week, we're keeping our fingers crossed.

And the angst room in the update-post might not be my final resting zone.
Im meeting a nice, old lady tomorrow to look at a room closer to school and friends, with a livingroom I can use and a room that will fit me and my stuff.
'Bout the cats.. I'll have to persuade her. She's an old lady. They need cats. Right?

I have some new EOTD's for you, but sooon my friends. Soon. Im keeping quiet (..well kinda) on the blog just a little while longer. To get my shit togheter.
Bought some new things. Wanted to buy a shit load of brushes from Everyday minerals, but the shipping cost was so frekking high. $23? For five brushes? Really? What?

So. Im thinking Sugarpill. Im thinking Sleek. Tikei. Everyday Minerals. NYX. Wet 'n Wild.
Any more student- and animal friendly cosmetics?
I neeeeed new brushes. Plox halp!

Oh. This is a contact ad btw.
I am in need of a new friend. Kinda near where I live.
A wacky one. Who is interested in make up.
Who likes tea or coffee and animals. Kay?
I need to have feedback and tips with an ordinary person!

I love my friends, but non of them share my biggest interest. I am the one who gives tips and help them out, which is also awesome. But I need the feedback of someone who knows.. you know. Things.
Whiny post again. Sorry. Ad over! :D