Feb 16, 2012


Me and the guy went out for some thaifood at this amaaazing restaurant about three weeks ago.
And I had little time to do my make up, so of course I did something time-consuming which got sloppy due to ..well.. the time ran out. It's not perfect. I have used these colours before. But I like them.
Also, I knew that the thai-place had alot of uv-lights.

NYX HD Eyeshadow Primer 
Sleek Acid-palette - Orange, Yellow, Dark pink, blue (dont know which) White (for highlight)
Make Up Store c/s - Metallic Plum
Peggy Sage Cake eyeliner - Noir
Make Up Store Multi Lash - Black (veeeery dried out)
Could be something more in this make up. But I dont remember.

 Took photos in a hotel bathroom. No good lights. Made me mad.

And oh. Bout them uv-lights.
I smacked on the neons in the acid-palette because I thought they would react to the uv and glow and all that cool stuff.
But since my guy did not say anything about it, I guessed it failed.
He told me later that it acutally glowed a bit. So now I have no pictures of it.

This is how the walls in the bathroom of the restaurant looked like.

 And a ... weird figurine ... doing something to itself in the actuall restaurant. Wtf. Why would they put up something like that where people eat.
I thought it was hilarious, but other people might not have that unserious thouch on life that I have.