Feb 17, 2012

Mash Up

I dont know what colours I used in this one. I quite like it thought.
Could be som from the 120-palette, and some from the Acid-palette.
I'm just guessing here.


  1. yaaay! turquoise is so hot, and specially on you! and my favorite was that exaggerated eyeliner wing, fat and harsh= yummy!!! great work here, I bow for that!/Azure

  2. Sv: Jepp det var så jag tänkte, vill ha en med både och. Är inte riktigt nöjd med en del skuggor i den skimmriga paletten jag har. Får se om det blir bu eller bä:) Kramar

  3. Azure: One does not simply walk through life without a exaggerated eyeliner wing!

  4. I adore you in green! This is so lovely.