Feb 20, 2012

The wat nao

Oh hai.
I had a couple of EOTD-pics, with some new stuff-pics on my computer. Then I got a real man cold, was dying with sneezes, coughing and fever.
And then I travelled away from the computer. Smart huh. So they wont be up for about a week or more.
And I forgot my memory card at home. Gotz to borrow a card from the dude so if I do some crazy ass, photoworthy make up, I'll snap a picutre!
In the meantime, this is what I did on thursday. WEII

I'll show you some more pics of that next week.. Grr.


  1. Whoa ! You look awesome! Love the brows! Did you wear it out? Just curious ;)

  2. Hahaha, thank you! No, I did not. Had a fever and all that.
    Putting it on facebook is kind of like wearing it out?

  3. Love your blog! I just followed you. I recently started my own blog and would love some feedback or maybe even a follow. Thanks so much, and keep up the great work!


  4. Awh thanks Justine, welcome! ^^