Feb 28, 2012

Swatch: TiKei Eyeshadow - Stardust & Desert

I bought a mineral foundation from the swedish label TiKei. I looove the foundation, but this post is about the two eyeshadow testers that I got with the order.
(Reaaally sorry for bad photos, but I did put up a real fight for these bad ones)

Stardust and Desert.

Stardust is a pinky/white toned, pearly shimmery thingie with a purple spark in it, which you can see on the close up.
Desert is a matte yellowbased... mud-tone. I dont get the colour at all.Tikei calls it "Lion-yellow"

 Over, on top of NYX HD Eyeshadow Primer
 Under, on bare skin. 
 Right, on primer
Left, on bare skin
Without flash

  Right, on primer
Left, on bare skin
With flash

Desert appears to be shimmery, but it's really not.
I had to double check a moment ago, and its still matte. But it has turned into a creamy state. It's really weird.

Aaany who. The pigmentation is good, you dont really need a primer with these ones.
The day after I thought I had a yellowing bruise on my arm until I realised that it was Desert!
But as I said. I dont get the colour of Desert. Stardust on the other hand is a beeaaautiful pink/white/frosty with a looot of shimmer and sparkle. I'm loving it!

You can get these at TiKeis webshop. They do ship outside of Sweden, In all EU-countries and some international.. And the site is all in swedish.

A full (2gr) jar costs about 59 kr (€ 6,40 - $ 8,60)