Mar 12, 2012

Confession with a hint Flying Fox Review

This confession has ment.. nothing.
Hi. I am Lojs and I am a fulltime Lush-oholic.
I mean. The few items I have bought, I can not live without anymore.

The Honey-trap lipbalm has saved my lips this winter. Usually they get so dry they crack and blood comes out and all that. This winter, I got a bit dry sometimes. No cracks. No blood. Yay!

I've been living without the Enzymion moisturiser for three months know, because the Lush in my town has not restocked it, wtf.
The guy had a trip in Stockholm, sooo.. I sent him there to get some enzyms.
Two days later my skin is starting to look acceptable again. No more dry spots on my oily face. No more weird coat over my skin. The pimples has toned down. Yay!

And here's the awesome part.
The shower gel Flying Fox. Ho. Ly. Shit.
I cant imagen a shower without this lovely sexbomb. I really cant afford it on a regular day basis. But I dont give a damn. It's sooo worth it. My skin, that gets dry in the winter time, never gets itchy anymore. And the smell.. My god, the smell. Honey heavy with jasmine.

Lushs description:


Instead of smashing plates or saying regrettable things, take a moment to cool off (or heat things up) in the shower with Flying Fox shower gel. The masses of sensual jasmine, ylang ylang and palmarosa oils work to relax your frazzled mind and a triple helping of honey keeps your skin cleansed, soft and sweet, even when your mood isn’t. But we’re pretty confident that the aphrodisiac fragrance will be enough to quell the darkest of spirits. Even better resolution to a bad mood? Share your shower and make things right standing up – washing their back of course!
My friends description:
"It's smells sexual! I f you wanna get laid, you shower in this. Bing bang boom - Makin' babies"
(Certinatly -not- a Jenna Mourey quote ;>) 

The last part of my confession (I'm not counting the Cosmetic Warrior face mask. I love it, but dont know what to write about it) is about them Toothy Tabs. 
I have been a little icky with the regular toothpaste. Do not approve of the animal products in them. And the pastes without it taste weird. I went for the animal and enviroment-friendly toothy tabs.
The first one I bought was Breath of God, which had a sandalwood-flavour to it. That was nice. 
Lush writes "Made from cleansing powders and no essential oils, Breath of God’s is gentle and leaves an amazingly refreshing taste in your mouth. Try Breath of God for a change from the norm, and discover how heavenly fennel, vanilla and sandalwood can be."
It does leave a great taste in your mouth. And as I like spicy tastes, it worked out great <:

But I left Breath of God to try out Sparkle, which has sort of a citrus-flavour and ends in a pepper explosion!
"Sparkle Toothy Tab is a dose of sweet vanilla flavor with a hint of Sicilian lemon and grapefruit, and makes for a very effective palate cleanser. Crunch up Sparkle between your chompers and brush, brush, brush for refreshing foam with a hint of spice, thanks to stimulating black pepper oil. You’ll be left with a smile so brilliant and squeaky clean, your dentist won’t believe their eyes."

All in all, I really like the Toothy Tabs. It's weird at first, not having that minty-fresh sensation, but you get over it. I love the peppery warmth from the Sparkle-tabs.
And if you really want that minty feel, use a mouth wash  <: