Mar 15, 2012


Im going mental with the interwebz shopping!

I think it's because Im not comfortable in my new home. Because it's not a home. The lady wont let me feel like it's a home. Cant have stuff in the shower. Cant have my teacups in the kitchen. Nor my tea strainers. She's truly bothered by how I treat my room. She hinted that if I want to keep the dishes in my room, I'll have to but my own plates and stuff. Sigh..
And my safetyzone is 4 hours by train away.

Oh well. Did I buy anything I actually 'needed' from teh interwebz? Well.. Out of the 18 items on their way home to me, two things where on the 'need' list.
Did I really need that many Star Wars inspired eyeshadows from Victorian Disco Cosmetics? Or the FF7 pair? Nope. I did not. But I bought them anyway. Because: Prettiness.
Aaand HQhair diiiid have a 10% off-code for some Urban Decay-stuff. Do I own Urban Decay? No. Did I need the UD-stuff? No. Why did I buy them? Prettiness. And oh. A brush. I needed that one. Points!
And a bunch of stuff from NYX will be landing soon.

My camera is back btw, so I have some make ups for you soon.
Still surfing with my phone though, so uploading them will be hard.
The boyfriend was an awesome creature to loan me his wifi-usb-thingie majingie, connected to his interwebz, so I do not have to pay for it. Aaand its 4G. I'll be getting it after the weekend. I'll promise I'll be back then <:

In the meantime.. Here's some ducks. In the springsun. In my town. In swedish.