Jul 30, 2012

A bunch of products..

Update on the video.. I have bought a tripod for the camera to stand on. Now the problem is that the usb-cord to the camera is in my parents house. And we cant find the one to mr Confusions camera.
I dont felt like doing a tutorial-video when I have no idea how it looks when Im doing it.. So it will be a while more.

In the mean time.. Here's what I got from Cocktail Cosmetics recently.

EcoTools Blush Brush. So soft! Not as soft as the Real Techniques ones though.
Nice density. Great brush!

The Konjac Sponge, with Bamboo Charcoal.
I. Frekking. Love. This. Thing.
It's so nice on the skin, leaving it slightly moisturised. I'll tell you more when I used it some more.

Lily Lolo - Pixie Sparkle
After Killer Colours Post about this shadow, I had to have it.
Gorgeous! Check out her post. It shows this shadow at its prime.

Everyday Minerals Blush - Girl Friday
I have never been a fan of blushes, I just did not get it.
I dont know what colour suits me, where I should put it and all that..
But when a blush appeared in my Glossybox, I've opened up my eyes for it.
So I ordered a samplesize. Now I have four blushes. 2 sample size. One mini. One full. 
And a blush brush! Yay me!

I did not do any swatches for this post.. Sorry bout that. You get to see two of the products in action though, and Im thinking about doing a post on the Konjac Sponge. 
Anything you wanna know?