Jul 30, 2012

Junes Glossybox, late post.

I know I was supposed to update you guys on what I recived in the boxes, and I have failed you. Sorry!
I get waay too curious, and rip open the boxes and the stuff in it before I can take any photos of it.
So here's an instagram photo I took when I opened up the box. On a bench. Outside mr Confusions job. See? Way too curious.

So, for this month the theme was Sunkissed Beauty
And I recived these things!

Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturizing Spray - Travel sized (75 ml)
 - I dont really know how to use this product.. So.. I dont have anything to say about it. :/

Moroccanoil Original Oil Treatment & Light Oil Treatment - Sample Sized (10 ml x2)
 - These products are lovely! They work wonders on my dry and brittle hair ends! 

Murad Skin Perfecting Primer, Blemish & Shine Control - Sample Sized (5 ml)
 - Have not tried it out properly, but the product is darker than my skin and it shows where I have put it on. More on this one later, perhaps. Good idea, though!

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Protective Sun Lotion - Travel Sized (59 ml)
 - SPF 15. Smells lovely! Not the regular coconut, but some more caramell. Caramellized Coconut? Nom. Not just the smell is nice, it really softens your skinn. Loving this one. All though maybe too low of a spf for me "miss 30 or more"

Anatomicals SPF Lip Balm "Never Lose Your Cherry" - Fullsized (15 ml)
 - SPF 8. The text on the box and on the balm is hilarious. Too bad you can't see it ;> Smells like typical chemical cherries. Candy. I like it. Very glossy. Does not add colour. Moisturizing. 

Femme Natural Boost - Fullsized (250 ml)
 - Yum. It went down quickly. It was a hot day, and this energydrink was really cold. 
Yeah it's an energydrink. I've drank it before. It's tasty. My glossybox note says juice from grapefruit, orange, lime, acerola and acai. And extracts from guarana, ginseng and ginger. With caffine from green coffee beans.