Apr 12, 2012

Death Star: Sparkle Tutorial

Hey guys. So, I did this smokey, glittery tutorial. Have not uploaded a tutorial in a loooong while. And it's the second I ever made. The pics are not the best. But.. oh well.
I freaked out a bit at the end. As you might have seen in previous post <:

So, the products I used was
Lime Crime Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper
NYX Slide On Pencil - Jet Black
Victorian Disco Cosmetics - Death Star, The Fett, Lightspeed, Skywalker
Peggy Sage Cake Eyeliner - Noir
Medusa Eyeliner Seal

Here we go...

Death Star: Sparke Tutorial

Step 1. Prime your eyes.
Step 2. Paint your eyelid with a dark eyepencil and smudge it out 

 Step 3. Use a flat brush and apply a dark/black glittery eyeshadow over the eyepencil-area. Soften edges.

 Step 4. (Optional) Add another dark colour (I used VDC - The Fett) so soften edges

 Step 5. Eyepencil time again. On waterlines, both top and bottom. Smudge it out on bottom lashline.

 Step 6. Add the same dark glittery eyeshadow on the smudged eyepencil. Or another dark colour. I used a a matte purple and VDC - The Fett. More eyepencil.

Step 7. Add eyeliner with a wing, dont forget to tightline! (google it). Mascara and some hightlight. Bing, bang boom. Done!