Apr 15, 2012

VDC WoW Contest?

The idea was for this look to enter a WoW inspired make up-contest hold by the girl behind Victorian Disco Cosmetics.
But when I was done, I was not so sure. I'll put it up either way. Maybe I'll enter it in the contest later.
What do you think?
I was going to ask: What in WoW do you think inspired me? 
But that would be an awful question.:')
Oh well. Here it is. Since I dabbled for a few hours just for fun, the sun went down and there was no good lightning left.

 Man, painting those golden thingies was a pain..
Should I even do a products used? .. Think so.
Products used
Tikei Mineral Foundation - C1
MAC Studio Finish Concealer - NW20
Dior  Long-Wearing Moisturizing Concealer - 410
MUS Blothing Powder
MUS Rouge - Sand (shading)
DuWop Rotating Map palette - Rum +
MUS Eyedust 24 Carat for hightlighting

Glue Stick - Random
MAC Studio Finish Concealer - NW20
Dior  Long-Wearing Moisturizing Concealer - 410
MUS Blothing Powder
DuWop Rotating Map palette - Swindler (cream eyeliner)
120 palette - Darker brown

Lime Crime Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper
DuWop Rotating Map palette -Rum (lid and highlight), ponce de leon
120 palette - A mix of blues and greens mixed with +
MUS Eyedust - Amazon
Medusa Eyeliner Seal
MUS Eyedust - 24 Carat mixed with a golden from 120-palette
NYX Eyepencil - Emeral City
MUS Lash Art - Fancy
Lumene Blueberry Curl Mascara

DuWop Rotating Map palette - Sailors Delight
Illamasqua - Box
MUS Eyedust - 24 Carat

 And heres a more wearable, without the lashes. 
I wish my eyebrows looked like this. But they wont. Damn you, brows!


So.. the inspiration was.. Blood elves.Herrherr.

The lashes got me thinking of blood elves. But Bfs has massive green eyes and wacky eyebrows. 
Covered the outer part of the brows and made them more.. up pointing. Spock-like. Almost.
And then went for the colour of their shield. And tried to copy the leaves, thats what the goldy goo on the eyes are. :')

Messed up the blue colour, it got more green. I know. Oh well. I said it was not as I planned it ^^
I do not play blood elves, as I tend to go with the 'good guys'. aka Alliance. But I have a few bf alts. 
They are pretty creatures, but all elves are ;> They do have the best jokes in WoW though <3