Apr 12, 2012

Death Star Sparkle!

Hi. I did a tutorial for you. It will be up tonight. Here's what happend after I was done with the tutorial-pics.

Some lines appared.

And some more...

 And then some falsies..

Products used
Lime Crime Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper
NYX Slide On Pencil - Jet Black
Victorian Disco Cosmetics - Death Star, The Fett, Skywalker, Lightspeed
120 - palette, a matte purple
Peggy Sage Cake Eyeliner - Noir
Medusa Eyeliner Seal
NYX JP - Milk
NYX Fabulous Eyelashes - 210 Toni's Fave
(Eyebrow and eye corner-lines drawn with Lightspeed mixed with Eyeliner seal)

And since I did another tutorial on the other eye, the face pic is only half.