Mar 10, 2015

Swatch: Violet Voss Glitters - Unicorn Party & Goldie

So I've been drooling over Violet Voss-glitters for quite some while, but their international shipping cost was nothing I actually wanted to deal with..
Then I saw that sells some VV-stuff and I went bananas. With omg TWO glitters!! Tbh I couldnt really afford more, and there where so many to choose from. I also wanted to try out the VV Secret Weapon adhesive, since it claims to be the best glitter adhesive.
A quick google search told me that there isn't that much of a difference between the VV Secret Weapon and Fyrinnaes Pixie Epoxy, and since I own the PE I decided to skip out on the VV one for now. And omg how hard is it to actually take decent pictures of glitter?!

The glitters come on in three sizes, .004, .08 and.15.
I bought Unicorn Glitter .08 and Goldie .004

Unicorn Party
In focus, in direct sunlight.


Unicorn Party may look a bit dark and black in these photos, but trust me, this baby sparkles.
Green, blue, purple, silver. Some scattered holografic rainbows. Pure awesomeness.
This is a limited edition shade.

In focus. direct sunlight


Goldie is the tiniest size, and looks kind of like a chunky loose shadow because the sparkles are so fine and tiny tiny. A more "sophisticated" glitter, if you may.  This is has mostley a soft gold and some silver it, aand some awesome rainbow bits. I real like wearing this glitter on an everyday bacis! Love it!

I got these two at where they cost £6.95 each. 
You can also get them at  where they cost $9.50 each.