Jan 22, 2015

Swatches: This and that

I have so much crap in my "not blogged"-folder. Sometimes because I couldn't get a decent pic of the product or swatch, most of the time it's because I just dont know what to write about it. So.. Here's a mixed tape. Heh.
Lots of products that I have bought, photographed, swatched, but not written about. Holler if you want more info or pics, or even a look, with any of the products! :)

First up - La Femme Professional Wooden Eye Pencil in Teal, Purple, Auburn, Dark Brown

Quick review: Really long, wooden pencils. Super classic. Quite hard, with ok payoff.
Cost: $1.49 USD

Mehron Paradise Glitter in Shamrock Green and Mehron Glitter Dust in Opalescent White.

Quick review: Just simple glitters. The glitter dust is amazing and I do use it alot.
Cost: $3.99 USD
Where: Camerareadycosmetics.com

Graftobian Glitter Powder - Gold

Quick review: Simple glitter. Nothing more, nothing less.
Cost: $4.29 USD
Where: Camerareadycosmetics.com

Ben Nye POP Art Lip Colour - Royal Grape

Quick review: Super pretty berry color! Love this kind of shade. Last picture is OCC Lip Tar in Black Dahlia, Ben Nyes Royal Grape, and Sleek Lipstick - Smother.
Cost: $10.00 USD
Where: Camerareadycosmetics.com

IsaDora Sugar Crush Nail Polish - 128 Ocean Crush

Quick review: Easy to use, fast drying. Super pretty. Not sure if you can buy it anymore.
Cost: 79 Swedish kr ~ $9.60 USD
Where: In every swedish store.. heh. And eleven.se

Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadow - 05 Chocolate Jewelery

Quick review: Pretty bronzy brown color! Haven't used it that much though.. 
Cost: No clue.
Where: My mom bought in Las Palma. Teehee.

Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish - 02 Mauserl, 132 Break Through, 169 A Hint of Love

Quick review: Pigmented, easily applied. Dries decently fast. Wide brush. I like'em.
Cost: No clue.
Where: My mom bought in Las Palma. Teehee.

A whooole bunch of lashes!
Ardell Corset - 503, Red Cherry #47 & #46, Eyelure Definition No 121, Kiss Looks So Natural - Flirty.

Quick review: The corset-ones was unevenly made, and sat weird on the eyes.. Red Cherry #46s are my favorites, so I bought four more pairs. And #47s because they looked cool. And they are humongous. The Eyelure-ones are supper pretty but quite hard in the stem. The Kiss-ones are so soft you cant even feel them when you thouch'em. Amazing.
Cost: Ardell: $3.49 USD, Red Cherry: $2.50 USD, Eyelure: $4.99 USD, Kiss: $3.95 USD.