Jan 31, 2015

Swatch: Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadow - In the Spotlight

Soo... I am one of those people who didn't go nuts of joy for the foiled shadows from MUG... Please dont hit me!
I wasn't that impressed really. But it could be because I dont really like the foil finish. I prefer my satins and mattes. Sometimes shimmers. Metallics, frost and foils - not so much.
In the Sportlight did tickle my taste buds though, so to speak. It will probably be my only MUG foil. Heh.
I do like the pans new packaging. Very Gatsby-esque.

Unfortunally, my shadow was trashed. But thanks to that, you can really see the creamy texture of it. I just took the back of my tweezer and pressed the shadow back in the pan, though. Easy as pie. A messy pie.

Thoughts: Suuuper creamy, with a fantastic finish! I think it even would work as a highlighter. Yum.
Cost: $9.99 USD