Jan 31, 2014

Review: Urban Decay 24/ Waterproof Liquid Liner - Perversion

 I did give up on the gel and cake liners now. I am a liquid liner girl, and I've been cheating on them for far too long. I gave in and ordered the one from Urban Decay and boy do I not regret it!

While using it, it does resemble the NYX Studio Liner I used to use a couple of years ago, but this is waaay better. I will be comparing it to the NYX Liner a bit in this review, if it's ok with you.
It goes on very watery, but the brush tip is super easy to manouver and it's quite stiff so its super easy to get sharp points or fine lines. It dries rarther quickly into a super black and sort of shiny finish.
Just like the NYX Studio Liner, which I get is a copy of this one from UD, it's a sort of flakey formula, I.E when removing it goes of in flakes. This means it's waterproof until rubbing it off. Which is quite hard to. I did fell asleep while wearing this, and it looked exactly the same the day after, it just lost some of its total blackness. It was awesome!
The main issue I have with this is that because of it's watery formula, it gets in the lashes and makes it hard to do a decent mascara job. This is easily resolved by adding mascara directly after painting the liner, one eye at a time-sort of way.
I had this problem with the NYX one too, but it was waaay more problematic with that one then the Perversion one. It's one of the reason I stop buing the Studio Liner.
The other reason was that the liner started to dry out in the barrel, so when pulling out the applicator you'd get clumps of dry liner that you had to whipe off. I haven't had this liner for so long so I don't know how it will look later on, but Im keeping my fingers crossed that it wont.

All in all, I'm in love with this liner. I'm back to doing eyeliner everyday again, just because its sooo easy to do a nice, sharp and smudge free one without any mistakes in a very short amount of time. Super excited to try some of the other colors now!

Have you tried this liner? What are your thoughts?

I bought this at HQhair.com for £14.00 (aand with a 20% discount)