Oct 1, 2012

Quick Review: Sprout and BM Beauty

Just a quick review of some stuff I got home two weeks ago..
Another order from Cocktailcosmetics (i love that place), this time all products are from the vegan section of the store.
I was in need of a new make up remover, and a mascara. Got the lipbalm as a present. :D

Sprout Make Up Remover.
All organic, containing only three oils. Olive oil, jojoba oil and almond oil.
In a cute glas container, and the maker of this product on the backside (As I got it, Adam is the Mr. of the two who owns this company)
It removes make up really well! Have not tried it with waterproof mascara though, but I really think it would remove that too.
I also use it as a moisturiser at night. It's so lovely in every way! Love this!
 Cost: £8.00

Sprout Citrus Lip Balm 
The gift!
Containing only organic cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, candelilla wax, organic lemon & orange oil.
This smells kinda like white chocolate to be honest. Sweet, but not to sweet. I like it. great on the lips.
 Cost: £4.00 (The newer ones do contain beeswax)

 BM Beauty Lash Curling Mascara
Not the greatest mascara I've tried, but its ok. A bit of a spiderleg-warning and it's a bit too wet for my taste..
Positive side is that it does not smudge, it lasts all day and keeps the lashes nice and soft.
This one apperently contains beeswax, so its not really suiteble for vegans
No swatch here, but I used it the last few posts, and will use it in the comming posts ^^
Cost: £12.00