Jul 5, 2012

Review: Medusas Eyeliner Seal

I dont know if this is so much a review as a swatch.. But. Hey. Phlox at EyeGraffiti asked me if I could do "tons of swatches" with it. I did not do tons, but I did a few :D
I personally like Medusas Eyeliner Seal more than Make Up Stores Mixing Liquid.
It's much more.. kinder. The smell of it does not sting the eyes like the Mixing Liquid do.
As for the intensity of the Eyeliner Seal and the Mixing Liquid, they are pretty much the same. The Mixing Liquid has a longer staying power though.
The Mixing Liquid also dries faster. Which is a pro and a con. Because you need more liquid to get the eyeliner done, but when you're done it has dried.
With the Eyeliner Seal, you only need that little drop, and it will not dry until you done drawing your liner. But then it will need a few ½ seconds so settle.

Here we go.

 I used a couple of different shadows, just to show the intensity of the Eyeliner Seal.
Victorian Disco Cosmetics - Skywalker and Outer Rim
Victorian Disco Cosmetics - Zangermarsh and Under the Outland Skies
(from different collections, just because the formula has been changed)
Barry M Dazzle Dust - Copper
Make Up Store Eyedust - Amazon

So, I just add a drop in to the lid (I used way to much on this picutre..)

 Goo it togheter, get rid of the clumps.

 And paint!
I used one, maybe two on some shadows, to get these results.

 After a few hours I draged my finger over the shadows.
Skywalker and Outer Rim that has another formula, and required two coats, did not last as well as the other ones.
But still good, eh?

A few hours later..

I realized while writing this that I should have probably done something on my eyes with this. 
And rubbed it under water. But it's not waterproof. Not even water resistant. Handles sweat good though ^^

What do you think? Any questions? 
Should I add something? I probably should have shown it with glitter, huh. Doh. 

I bought my Medusas Eyeliner Seal at Cocktailcosmetics.co.uk