Nov 22, 2011


Yep. Jag skippar svenskan i framtiden, jag är för lat för att skriva på båda språk.

This color was sooooo hard to catch on camera! I have actually retouched a little. And I hate doing that. Cant stand beautyblogs where the pictures are so retouched.
But my shadow was green, and the camera transformed to a turquoise. Not ok!
Its not as nearly as green as in irl, but bah. Here it is any way. I liked it. Alot.

A darker, matte green and a shimmery gold/yellow/green from a 120-palette.
The Body Shop Eye Shimmer - 08 (Highlighter)
Peggy Sage Eyeliner
Chanel Eyepencil


  1. It looks great with your red hair.

  2. Gorgeous! The green looks amazing with your eyes and hair.

  3. Also, I've given you a blog award! It's at

  4. Totally brings out an awesome contrast with the hair. Should wear greens more often, ey?

  5. this type of green is always fabulous to see!! and it's hilarious to see someone flinch on the street or the buss haha

  6. Haha. I've been nearsighted for yeeaars and I'm to lazy for contacts so I never see peoples reactions!
    Had my mom walk way behind in a mall once, and she said I got a few people to turn around and look again. Mostly because of the hair though I think :'D