Nov 21, 2011

Annoying Yellow Blob.

A few days back I took my time doing some, for me, unusual colors.
Yellow, orange, copper, pink, purple. Gold. Gargh. It looked pretty good, and then the time ran out, and I had to throw the last details on and run out to meet a friend.
I didnt have any time to take a picture of it when it looked good.
I went out. A cold breeze hit my face and then the tears started. Everywhere.
Inner corners lost the yellow and the gold, and the lashes. Outer corners lost the purple.
Came home and tried to fix the yellow part. And it backfired.

I didnt see that the frekking yellow was frekking everywhere until I've taken the frekking pictures.
In the mirror I couldnt see the annoying yellow blob in the brow. I rubbed and rubbed but it kept showing up in the pictures. Fudge it. Here is the ruined make up with the annyoing yellow blob.

Things I used..
NYX HD eyeshadow primer
Sleeks Acid-palette, yellow, orange, darker pink, purple
Barry M Dazzle Dust - Copper
Make Up Store - C/S Metallic Plum
Make Up Store - E/D 24 Carat
Duwop Rotating Map-palette - Martinque (highlight)
Make Up Store - Eyepencil, Romatic Garden
Peggy Sage Eyeliner
Make Up Store - Multi Lash
Ardell Fashion Lashes - 110 (Love, love, love)

And oh yeah.. On top of the horrible yellow blob and the winter darkness, my skin is starting to act like a 14 yeard old hormonal boy. Pimples is awesome. Sigh.