Jun 9, 2015

Skin update! The greatest product for acne prone skin

Im in a makeup funk atm, but I thought I would write a more.. serious? kind of post.
If you have been following me for a while, you might know that I have big issues with my skin. If you are new or forgetful, my skin sucks.
My skin is oily as fuck and acne prone with big pores. With age (omg Im turning 27 soon), my skin has lost a bit of its healing power and Im getting more and more acne scars, and of course I have my fair share of wrinkles.
I've tried maaany different products. From those super harsh for acne and oily skin, to kinder products and nothing have made that much better. Some may have worked for a while, but not with the clear skin I always wanted.

About three months ago, I was full of anxiety because of my skin, and I was desperate to find anything that actually worked. I abandoned my values regarding animal testing (sigh..) and went on the hunt to find any product or products that could help me.
What I found was a Fruit Acid Peeling - AHA 20 % from SkinPlan**.

So here's a before and after.

 Persononally I dont think the pictures show that much of a difference. But I think you can kind of see it?
Either way. I dont get as many breakouts any more, and if I do, they fade pretty quickly. The intensly red scarring on my cheeks (that I didnt get a before picture of, because idiot) are starting to fade.
My skin is softer and the skintone is more even. My pores are still huge, and I still get some blackheads, but all in all, Im much much much more comfterble in my own skin.
From not being able to go to the store or hang out with friends without foundation/concealer, to not caring if I have makeup on at all. Im so fucking full of joy.
Im thinking about getting a BHA peeling to, since I've read that it's better for my type of skin, and alternate those two.

If you have similar skinproblems, I suggest that you try an acid peeling. The Internet is full of information about various acids, and what skin types they work best with.
Best of luck!

**SkinPlan is a swedish brand, and I have tried to find out where they stand regarding animal testing. I haven't really figured it out though, so I will mark them as Not Cruelty Free for now.
Please give me tips about cruelty free brand that have acid peelings.