Jan 30, 2015

Swatch: Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow - Poison Plum, Bulletproof, Tako

Oh Im finally a part of the Sugarpill pressed eyeshadow crew! I've been wanting to buy some of these shadows for about two years, but I was kind of stingy. I wanted, and still want, all the Heart-palettes, and then they came out with the pro-palette. But I've been waiting for the pro-palette to be available to the public for about 1½ years now and Im getting kind of tired of it.
So I bought Poison Plum and Tako first, because Poison Plum always makes me drool when I see pictures of it, and Tako because I am in need of a white eyeshadow.
Bulletproof I bought in another order though, cause I needed another Z-palette, and my Dams-shadow from Emite is dust.

 All swatches are on top of NYX HD Eyeshadow Base (top) and bare skin (bottom)

Poison Plum

Thoughts: Beautiful color! But kind of hard to work with. As you can see, on the primer it applies patchy, but on bare skin its smooth. Super weird. Couldn't get it even on the eye. Good Pigmentation though. 
Cost: $11.99 USD


Thoughts: Wow it was hard to take any good pictures of this shadow.. Matte white. Great pigmentation, supersmooth on primer, a bit chalky on bare skin. 
Cost: $11.99 USD


Thoughts: Best. Black. Ever. Look at that darknezzzz! Super smooth, even without primer! Lovely!
Cost: £8.95