Jun 18, 2014

Review: Urban Decay Electric Palette

Well of course I needed the Electric palette! Been using it for a while, and here's my final thoughts.

First of all, the packaging. How gorgeous isn't it? Sturdy plastic box with beautiful colors and patterns. And with a mirror that can actually stand up.

Swatches of first row

Revolt, the the only color Im a bit mEH over. Sheer metallic silver in this colorbomb of a palette?
Gonzo, bright sky blue, with a hiiint of silver shimmer. 
Slowburn, bright orange based red with a pearl sheen.
Savage, bright bubblegum pink. Totally matte, much more pigmented than my picture shows
Fringe, metallic teal. Divine!

Second row

Chaos, insane cobalt blue, matte with a pearl. LOVE this. 
Jilted, metallic pink with a blue sheen.
Urban, metallic purple. Super pretty.
Freak, pastel green with a slight gold shift. Loved the pencil, love this eyeshadow.
Thrash, kind of an dirty yellow-green? with shimmer. Unusual color, but cool.

So I did the usual primer on top, bare skin on the bottom. Can you see where the primer ends? Because I sure can't! This meaning that all of these shades are suuuper pigmented and easy to blend. The BIG downside is that the matte ones are a powdery and will create a lot of fall out. Another downside, at least for me, is that it isn't that much of a varitey in the colors. I mean, three blues and three cool toned purple/pinks. Gonzo could have been another color.. Maybe a bright true green? And as pretty as Slowburn is, it doesen't really go with the rest of the colors.. And some of them do stain the skin (the red and purple/pinks), and those are colors that aren't intended for the immediate eye area, according to the FDA. 
Even though my remarks, I really do love this palette. The colors are aaawesome!

This palette is permanent, and you can find it on Urban Decays webpage, if you are a North American. The rest of us can find it on Beautybay.com