May 26, 2014

Review: Urban Decay Ocho Loco 2 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil Set

Wheeew, that name! I'll just refer to it as OL2 during this post. 
I've been drooling over this set since last summer, I mean.. Look at it. It has almost everyting! Of course UD decided that it wasn't for the european market (I couldn't find it anywhere, why the fuck does UD hate every continent except America so much?)
I had the plan to let my friend go for a search for when he visits the US in a few weeks, but then I saw that OL2 was on sale on UDs website. And I freaked. Because this is a Limited Edition set. The original price was $59.00, and now it's on sale for $39.00. One pencil kosts $20.00. THAT DEAL, THOO?!
So my boyfriend helped me with some p.o boxes some kind of shipping from that place, yada yada, so the total cost with shipping was about as high as the original price, but hey. Im ok with that. 
On with the review?

So the set contains eight full size pencils, five of them are exclusive new shades, and the Grindhouse sharpener (worth $10). The colours are Roach, Twice Baked, Crave, Perversion, Deep End, Mars, Ultraviolet and Tornado.
All of these shades are super pigmented, easy to blend, suuuuper smooth and long wearing. Just lovely.

From left to right.
Roach: A warm, coppery brown with shimmer.
Twice Baked: Cool brown satin with a gold sparkle. New shade!
Crave: Matte, cool, super dark brown.  New shade!
Perversion: Matte, black as all hell!
Deep End: Bright, metallic light blue with shimmer.
Mars: Metallic forest green with shimmer. New shade!
Ultraviolet: Bright medium burple with shimmer. New Shade!
Tornado: Dark eggplant, pearl sheen. New Shade!

After I let them set for a few minutes, and then draged my hand over the colors a few times.

And then some water damage...

To sum it up, I am really happy I bought this set. As per usual with the Glide on pencils, they can be a little tooo soft, and when I did the swatches, some of the tips actually broke. Im ok with that, since its quite nice to not need to push a pencil so hard on the eye area. 
The Ultraviolet color is a bit clumpy though, but the color is divine.. 
I dont think I have much negative stuff to say, since Im still in complete awe. Maybe one or two more matte colors might have been nice? Also I must point it out again, $39?! The whole set is worth $170? 

Also, I got some sample sizes of the primer potions.. I have never tried any of them!

Any thoughts?

I bought this HERE