Apr 27, 2014

Review: Technic Electric Beauty Eyeshadow Palette

Sorry for the bad quality of these photos.. They looked ok in the camera, and I have to confess Im a bit too lazy to re-take the pictures.. Also I had played with the shadows before I took the photos. Hope it's ok either way!

I've seen this palette at ComaHeart before, and all though it seemed pretty I was unsure about the whole CF-thing. You see, this palette is Affordable. With a big A. And was bought from a store that only sell affordable, low quality (mostly) stuff. No way it could be CF and nice! But it is. I did the usual Primer at the top, bare skin at the bottom, but you cant see where the primer ends on the swatches. Oh well, the darker color got a little patchy without the primer under.

So the colors are metallic and bright as fuck. They are a bit creamy, just like some of Sleeks metallic shadows. One might have to dig in a little in the shadows, and that might cause some fallout. And on the topic of Sleek, the packaging is exactly the same.
My only complaint is the lack of a bright as fuck green. That would have been awesome!

I Sverige kan dessa paletter köpas på Dollar Store för ca 30 kr.
A quick google gave me the info that this palette can be bought HERE for £1,98