Mar 25, 2014

Swatch: Victorian Disco Cosmetics - What Time Is It? Collection

Maaan, I was so excited for this collection! I looove Adventure Time :D Of course I needed the whole collection. At once. Yes! Let's dive right in.

So there is ten shadows, all colorful shades cause well... Candy Kingdom is bright and fun in all bright colors because candy. Yes.

Ice, Ice Baby
Icy blue with a blue sheen and sparkles. The sparkles are not so prominent on the pictures, but they do show up irl!

Minty Butler
A kind of sheer white with two different sheens, in blue in red, that shows up in different angles! Hardly shows up on the pictures, and some sparkles that doesnt show up in pictures.

Bright yellow with green sheen, which shows up better in the second pitcture. All though I haaate Lemongrab (Come on, he is soo enoying!) this color is lovely. 

The Last Raincorn
Light yellow with rainbow sparkles. Wished the sparkle would show up more, but it's super sparkly irl!

Oh My Glob.
 Ah yes, Lumpy Space Princess! She's my favorite character, haha! I love her lovely lady lumps.
Not that in love with this shadow though, pastell purples/lavenders aint my favorite. But this one with the gold sparkles are cute. Great for spring!

Bubble Bonnibel
Ugh if you've been following me for a while, you know about my issues with pink. This is a pretty shade though!
Medium pink with purple sparkles

Jake's Glorious Bottom
 In the spirit of AT.. Oh. My. Glob. This orange. It.. so.. Glorious. Suuuper buttery and pigmented and bright and just lovely. Might be one of my favorites in this collection!
Medium bright orange with a golden sparkle!

BMO is Eyeshadow
BMO is my second favorite character. He/She is supercute, and I love the whole he/she thing. He/she is what the episode need her/him to be. Have you seen my BMO-hoodie?
Oh. Eyeshadow. Yes. Gorgeous teal with a green sheen!

 A bright blue with a green sheen. Nothing more, nothing less.

1,000 Years, No Moral Code
Man, I have to many favorite characters in this program. Marceleeeene! 
And this color? So frekking awesome. The other favorite! A deep navy blue with a red duochrome. Yum!

 So this is a fun collection! Bright and colorful, with a bit of darkness, just like Adventure Time. Heh. ^^
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