Feb 17, 2014

Swatch + Review: Melt Cosmetics Lipsticks - Blow, By Starlight, Space Cake, 6six6

So Melt Cosmetics finally restocked their shades! All but 6six6 are in stock while Im writing this, so go ahead and get some before they're out of stock again ;P
This time I ordered Blow, By Starlight, Space Cake and 6six6 (And two more, which I ordered to a friend)


 Blow has such a lovely, unusual and weird blueish green color, that I superlove. But as a lipstick, it's not the best of the bunch.
As you can see, it's not quite matte, as Melt Cosmetics claims it to be. The pigmentation is not the greatest and it applys the tiniest bit of uneven. I still love this lipstick though. The color totally wins me over.


Space Cake looks a bit blue in my photos, but it really is a true grey. I do think that this color has the best formula of all the shades I own. Is suuuper soft, matte and reee-he-heheeeally pigmented! Glides on like nobodies business, and BAM. Gorgeous grey lips. Yum.


Oh lord, I dont know where to start with this lipstick. The formula is just as great as the Space Cake-one. Matte. Dark. Pigmented. Stays on for hours (this is the only one I worn for a day, so far). The color is just.. Divine. I cant even.. Gah. Love it. Love. It.


For starters, my camera does not do this color any justice. It really is a medium dark, matte purple with no hits of pink. It's sort of on the drier side, and therefor a little harder to apply. All though it applies even if you work a bit with it (Not as horriple as Illamasquas Esp). It also stains the skin and lips, so one might get a pinkish-stain left behind. I think my searh for the perfect purple is over, yay! (but I will keep looking, one always needs more stuff)

These colours, combined with DGAF, has made my lipstick collection so much more awesomer. Lovely brand (guh, have you seen the creators? Drop dead gorgeous!), Lovely shades, Lovely formulas. I suggest you catch some of them before they're gone again!

You can get these shades, and more, at Melt Cosmetics for $19.00 each.