Jan 14, 2014

Swatch & Review: Melt Cosmetics Lipstick - DGAF

While stalking around on instagram, I stumbled upon a picture of a girl with purple lips. And you might know of my obsession with finding the perfekt purple lipstick? If you didn't, now you do. 
Her lipstick was By Starlight by Melt Cosmetics, and it has been Sold Out for months. Just like most of their colors. 
Just before christmas they annouced that they had restocked on DGAF and 6six6, so I bought DGAF (I wanted 6six6, a daaaark dark red, too, but could only afford one of them). An hour later, DGAF was Sold Out again. Now Im just waiting for the purple By Starlight, the grey Space Cake, the dark green Blow and of course 6six6 to restock. You might get that I really enjoyed their product by me wanting more of them? If not, I REALLY WANT MORE OF THESE LIPSTICKS! 
The pigmentation of DGAF is AWESOME. It's not drying, and sooooo easy to apply. The lasting power is so and so, but I dont care about that. The color is just to awesome to care about those kind of flaws ;P 
Also, the smell is kind of weird at first.. Like a mix between crayons and vanilla. Haha. 

Love love love the mirror that came with the package!

Yeah I had to use both these pictures, the one on the left shows off the lipstick better, but look at my damaged eye on the picture to the right! It's so angry! Thats why I haven't done makeup in a few days. But it's starting to feel a lot better. Note to all: Do not wear contacts for five days straight, day and night, if you suffer from dryness while wearing contacts.
Back to topic.
The name really suits it, haha. Dont Give A Fuck. Yay!

You can find this lipstick, and some more awesome colors, at Melt Cosmetics, for $19.00