Jan 23, 2014

Review: Sedona Lace Flat Top Kabuki - Midnight Lace

My Everyday Minerals Flat Top brush started shedding again.. So I ordered this super pretty kabuki from Sedona Lace. It's so huge! And dense! And soft! And Awesome!
But really. Look at the size of this kabuki? Is like twice the size of EMs and probably twice as dense. Sorry for the yuckiness of my EM brush, I did not clean it before the photo.. because.. well.. Lazy.

The Sedona Lace brush makes a flawless finish with my mineral foundation, but I have seen that it is loosing some hairs all ready? Maybe it's just in the beginning. Hopefully it will end. (Actually, in one of the areas, I can pull out hairs to no end.... why, Sedona Lace, why? I'm sending them a mail..) e, this brush is amazing.
You can see me using it for the first time in the Speed Makeup: DGAF-video!

I bought the Flat Top Kabuki at Sedonalace.com for $17.00

I wrote to them on facebook, and they asked me to contact them though mail (duh, stupid of me not to do that right away.. /facepalm) and I just got an answer from them. They are sending me a new brush. Such sweethearts! 

This is the picture I sent them, took it soon after I wrote the review about the brush
I love great customer service! Two thumbs up for Sedona Lace!