Dec 7, 2013

Swatch/Review: OCC Skin: Conceal R0 & R1

Yay another swaatch ;P Oh well. My trusty (and beloved) MAC Studio Finish Concealer - NW20 is gone. Completely empty. Boohooo. And since I did not want to buy from MAC again, I read that OCCs Skin: Conceal was in the same league, which sounded awesome cause hello, vegan stuff is awesome.
After checking some swatches online, I was quite hesitant over which one to order, the R0 or the R1? I couldn't afford both, and the R0 looked too fair while the R1 looked too dark. But a friend of mine had the R1 and said that it worked for her, and she wears a lighter foundation than me.
So I ordered the R1. And here is some photos with my digital camera.

OCC Skin: Conceal R1

As you can see, its a whoooole lot of too dark on my hand. And on my face I looked a bit tanned.
So I had to throw my savings on a new order with the R0.
And here is some photos of R0 with my digital system camera.

OCC Skin: Conceal R0

 And this is how R1 and R0 looks side by side. It's such a big difference! It make's me so angry that there isn't an option inbetween those two, because they are soooo different.

Sorry for the marks in R1, but I have tried to use it a few times.

I haven't tried this fully to give and honest review, but at the moment I am not that impressed. Which sucks, with one of those concealers costing about $20.00 on their website. So I just spent  ~$40.00 (more like ~$60 since I ordered from an UK-site, and with shipping, this makes me wanna cry atm...) on a product I am not really sure about, since the colors doesnt suit me at all and I did find it to be a bit cakey, but that could be a fault of mine for using to much.

On a more positive note, these concealers cover very well and have a nice gel-like texture and a little goes a long way. They contain cocoa extract, aloe leaf extract and vitamin E and does not contain parabens and sulfates. See how nice that sounds? Now if they only could make a better color range.