Mar 6, 2013

Swatch: Victorian Disco Cosmetics Azeroth, Crystalline Affections and Care Package!

Bunch of reviews are coming up!
Lets start with the funniest one, my package from Victorian Disco Cosmetics :D
Since the packaging has change, I did not take the usual shadow-pictures. Hope its ok any way.

I bought three shadows from the Azeroth-collection, and got two samples from that collection too.
And a shadow pair from the Crystalline Affections-collection, and just one glitter from the Care Package-

 The new jars has sifters, which is really lovely ^^
For the Horde and /Flex showing of the jars!

All shadows are swatched on NYX HD Eyeshadow Base at the top, and on bare skin lower down
Noob Tube is swatched with E.L.F Makeup Seal, and Medusas Eyeliner Seal

Azeroth: The Great Life (Sample) - Beauuutiful silvery brown that shifts in gold when applied!
Azeroth: The Life Binder (Sample) - Redbased brown with a golden sheen, and purple sparkles. Love them sparkles!
Azeroth: For The Horde - Deep red with a metallic red sheen. Yum.
Azeroth: /Flex - Light champange/nude color with shimmer. Pretty.

 Azeroth: Mojo - Lovely bright blue/turquise base with the awesomes green sheen!
CA: Lulu - Black base with purple sheen. I love Lulu in FF. I love this shadow. ^^
CA: Wakka - Gooorgeous orange with golden sheen!
CP: Noob Tube - Purple and red glitter. Yum. :D

This shadows are wonderfull! So pigmented and pretty! I will need more from the Azeroth-collection. Its amazing. 

Oh, btw. When I swatched Mojo I did regonize the color and realized that I sorta all ready have it.
Lily Lolo - Pixie Sparkle vs Victorian Disco - Mojo!

Pixie Sparkle is a tiiiiiiny bit darker. But there is not much that separates these two shadows.
In the jars they are totally different. But not so much when applied. The green sheen in Mojo is way more visible when your blend though.
Pixie Sparkle is 3.5 g and costs £5.29
Mojo is 2g and costs $5.00