Mar 10, 2013

Review: E.L.F Cream Blusher and Makeup Lock & Seal

E.L.F products!
I havent been that impressed with E.L.Fs products and peoples hysteria over them. People in real life who finds out that Im a makeup freak always ask me about E.L.F and tells me how great the prodcucts are. Last time I ordered from E.L.F was 2010 and I did not like any of it. Think I had the cream liner, the mineral primer, mineral face primer, Undereye concealer & highlighter. The only thing I might order again is the undereye concealer. Maybe. 

On to the products I got this time!

E.L.F Makeup Lock & Seal.
Havent got much to say about this product. Used it as a glitterbase and it worked fine. ^^

E.L.F Cream Blush in Vixen. May seem a bit dark, but I think it works well on my skin. Maybe. I dont know, Im so bad at blush-stuff ;P
I was unsure if a cream blush would work with my oily skin and mineral foundation, but it seems to work quite well actually. 

This might not be the best review, but I dont know much about blushers and a makeup seal is always a makeup seal.. maybe.. Im sorry for this crappy reviw ;P