Nov 7, 2012

Swatch: Lush Emotional Brilliance - Fantasy

On a trip to a friend, I went through our capital, Stockholm. The plan was to visit the newly opened Sephora, but it was too difficult to get there. Subway - bus- subway? Really? No thanks. Not the greatest place to open Swedens first Sephora. Im not pleased. Hopefully they will open a store with a better location in Gothenburg. Hopefully. Or I'll get cranky.
Oh well, I ended up at the Lush-store (God I miss having that place close buy) and became BFF with one of the shop clerks (She liked my eyebrows and hair, and was nice). She told be about some of the news in Lush, but since I read their homepage like a newspaper, nothing was new. I just wanted to smell stuff ^^ 
Since I started my trip with the focus on Sephora and coming home with new makeup, the shop clerk went through some of the colours from their Emotional Brilliance makeup line. I pointed on some colours, she gave me some tips, and Fantasy was actually the one I was not sure I wanted to test out, but she insisted. And she insisted that she should swatch it on me. That was it. Could not stop staring at my hand. And then it came home with me. I promised her to upload a picture on their webpage to show her how I used it. I have a plan, but it's so dark this time of the year it will be hard to get a good picture. 
So ends the story of how I found the lovliest gold ever. 

On to swatch!
Fantasy is infact a liner, but you can really use it as anything you want. Shadow, highlighter, lips, shimmer on body, liner, etc. 

 These pictures was taken in the middle of the day, but still they are dark. Frustrating. This colour really is liquid gold!

One fat line with lots of product, one smaller with less..
First dot, I applyed on my finger and dotted it on the hand
Second dot is the same, with less product and blended.
Gorgeous, eh?

Since I want not tried it out on the eyes, its quite dumb of me to write a review. But I wanted to share this awesomeness! 
The linerbrush is ok to work with, the brush is fine but the handle is a bit short. Someone said that this flakes, but oh well. 
Really easy to blend with your fingers.
Thats all I have to say about this right now. If your in to gold, I would recommend you to try this one!

Alla svenskar där ute! ^^
Jag köpte denna för 195 kr på Lush.